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Don’t Let the Criminals Of The World Know You Are On Vacation

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Hey, Summer Enthusiasts!

It’s great to be enthusiastic about the fun of summer—in fact, it’s kind of hard not to be. Summer means fun in the sun. Whether your fun will happen at camp, during family visits, or on family vacations your summer is sure to be a good time! Today’s blog post concentrates on how to make sure that your summer stays good once you get back home.

Coming back home to find that your house has been robbed or damaged certainly has a way of killing the mood when you get back from a long vacation. You come home ready to relax and instead you get a big mess that you need to deal with.

What could you have done? It was inevitable! Bad things happen to good people.

 Getting robbed can happen to anybody, it’s true. But there are some measures that can be taken to try and help prevent break-ins and burglaries while you’re away. One of the best ways to help prevent someone in your house while you’re away is to not announce your vacationing to the cyber media picture

 We all love to let our family and friends know about what we’re doing and where we’re going for our vacations, but it’s not the wisest decision to post information about vacationing on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. You may be talking to your friends and family, but they’re not the only ones reading it.

Unfortunately, there are people in the world who go to such great lengths as checking social media sites to gather information on when people are not occupying their houses. Then they strike.

That’s why, during your time away from your house, it’s a good idea to keep your social media posts focused on what mood you’re in rather than talking about where you are or where you’re planning to go.

That’s all for today, Summer Lovers! Thanks for reading!


- John
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