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Keeping Things Tidy Throughout a Summer Camp Stay

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Bring the gear your camper needs to keep organized.



Hey, Camp Parents!

Staying organized at summer camp is no easy feat. It’s asking a lot of your camper, after all, to live out of a camp trunk for a week or longer without it getting a bit chaotic inside. You don’t want your camper wasting precious time at camp as they search for buried items, though. You want them enjoying their camp stay to the fullest!

What can you do during the packing process to help them maintain organization during their time away? Here are some great tips to help your camper remain orderly:





It will be a lot easier for your camper to find things if they know what their gear looks like! Check out this parent’s tip about going over all the gear with your camper before or while you pack:

“Show your child their things BEFORE you pack it in their trunk! Make sure they know what their laundry bag, sports equipment, and non-personalized items look like so they can recognize it in the bunk.”

- Rebecca W. 

Keeping toiletries together makes things tidy and efficient.

Ziploc and Toiletry Bags

Keeping toiletries and smaller camping supplies together is easily accomplished with sealable kitchen bags or toiletry bags. You can click here to peruse our Toiletry Bags. Here’s a tip from a parent who uses Ziploc bags for clothing:

“I always make my daughters outfits and place the complete outfit in an extra-large Ziploc bag with the date on it. So she knows exactly what to wear every day.” 

- Rachelle



Our customers LOVE their Packing Cubes

We’ve received plenty of tips from parents singing the praises of Packing Cubes! Click here to get your hands on our premium Packing Cubes. Here are a few of those tips:

“Use packing cubes in your trunk to help keep it organized and gain more space when space is at a premium!!”

- Jennifer H.

“Use clothing cubes so when your child goes rummaging through their trunks the clothes don't go everywhere the first day.”

- Shannon W.

“Great when packing for camp, great for staying organized at camp. Cubes make it easy to get dressed every morning, get ready for various activities like swimming and Shabbat dinners, put away laundry after it is returned.”

- Carol H.

The Bunk Organizer is a master at staying tidy at summer camp.


An underrated tool for your camper’s bunk area, the Bunk Organizer offers 16 pockets and hangs vertically on the foot or side of a bunk, providing a convenient organizational solution for all kinds of items your camper will want to keep handy throughout their camp stay. The Bunk Organizer provides a great place to go with nighttime or morning items like a flashlight or supplies for dental care and it’s also a designated spot for keeping essentials easily accessible like sun and bug protection. Check out the Bunk Organizer when you click right here.


With these tools and plans in your arsenal, your camper stands a chance of remaining organized throughout their camp stay so that they can forget about rummaging through a pile of apparel and gear in a camp trunk and enjoy a smooth, prepared camp stay. Thanks for reading, Camp Folks. And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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