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We Have A Free Lifetime Trunk Warranty

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Hey, Summer Lovers!

You know what’s awesome about being a customer at Everything Summer Camp?—Everything, of course! But one notable aspect is the Lifetime Free Warranty we have on all of our C&N Footlockers. That means we’ll repair any one of your damaged footlockers for you, for free—guaranteed for life.

That’s right! Should your trunks for camp from Everything Summer Camp—despite their unquestionably solid construction—somehow meet with some unfortunate accident, we’ll repair any damaged footlocker for you for free, for life.C&N Footlockers Happy Camper

This way, your camper will always have a well-constructed, good lookin’ footlocker to bring along for summer camp in the following year. But why wait a whole year before making the repair?

If you take care of your damaged footlocker now, then that’s one less thing you have to worry about next camp prep season when you’re putting together next year’s packing list. You can help your future self to avoid the added stress of getting ready for camp by not leaving your trunk repair for your last minute prepping.

Make it easy on yourself next season and take care of it now in this less stressful time of year! You make it easy on yourself and we’ll make it easy too. 90% of the time there won’t be any shipping involved in the first place! No repackaging, mailing, or any hassle will be involved because almost all of the parts on our trunks can be repaired by you, in your home using nothing but a Phillips screwdriver!

If you can’t fix it on your own because a certain part is broken beyond repair, then we’ll simply send you any replacement part for free! And we’re more than happy to walk you through the process of repairing a trunk over the phone!

You can read more about our trunk repairs here on our customer service page.


- John
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