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Stranger Danger

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Hey, Parents!

I’m sure that most of you would say that you feel confident that their kids know not to get into a stranger’s vehicle—no matter what the circumstances. But no matter how many times you’ve talked to your kids about a topic as important as this, it can’t hurt to have it at least one more time.

Well, here are some tips from us at Everything Summer Camp to make talking to your kids solid and effective!

Be Specific

First of all, get specific with your kids about getting into a stranger’s vehicle. Think of scenarios that might play out and warn your kid about them. For instance, maybe your kid would get into a strangers car if the stranger said that they weren’t going to drive anywhere. Make your child aware that even a vehicle that isn’t going anywhere is off limits.

Resisting Temptations

Unfortunately there are a lot more temptations than just candy that kids have to say no to nowadays. Temptations are getting bigger and better. It’s easy to turn down bubble gum but can your child say no to a free iPad? What if they’re offered a chance to be on TV? Would they give out they’re address and information? Talk to your kids about the lengths that people may go to in order to get their information.

Keep a Short List

What you should tell your kid is that he or she is only to take rides from specific people. Make it a rule. And keep the list short. Only take rides from parents and grandparents—short and sweet. The point in keeping the list a short one is that you don’t want a bunch of names clouding up your kid’s head. The more people, the more complicated the message.

My very own niece, Ally—who I’ve babysat for, knows that she’s not allowed to get into my car unless my brother or sister-in-law have told her otherwise. It just makes things easier this way.


- John


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