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Homework Tips From ESC

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Hey, School Kids!

Last week I talked about safety after school. Here’s something you can do to keep yourself safe after school–your homework! While it’s not the only part of school, your homework is one of the more important elements of school.

That’s why I’ve chosen for today’s Everything Summer Camp Blog post to give you some helpful advice on how to go about your homework.

Assignment Notebooks

First of all, you’ll definitely want an assignment notebook. When you have homework from five different classes, it can get pretty cloudy in the old noggin. You have enough to concentrate on with your daily school routine—don’t try to remember what homework you’ve been assigned in each and every class.

Homework After Schoolhomework

My next point of advice—and probably the best that I can give you for your homework—is to get into the habit of doing it immediately after school. Get home and get to your homework! If you don’t Pull out your handy-dandy assignment notebook so you can go over the list of assignments you need to complete for the next day and—as my father always used to say—get crackin’!

Look It Over

Last, but not least, is to ask for a little bit of help. When your work is all done, ask your parents if they would look it over for you. Show them your Assignment Notebook too. If they don’t have time, maybe you have a smart older brother or older sister who would be willing to check over your homework. The point in doing this is to catch any mistakes you may have made before it goes the teacher.

If you stick to these three simple suggestions, you should be getting pretty good grades. You won’t forget about any homework assignments because you’ll have written them all down. You shouldn’t run short on time since you did your homework right after school. And you should get good grades since it’s all been checked over.

Hope this helps, Homeworkers! Now hit the books.

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- John

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