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Holiday Sales Around the Corner

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Hey, Smart Shoppers!

Our Black Friday Sales are over. Another successful Cyber Monday has come and gone. But we’re not through with our seasonal sales just yet! You can still save and SAVE BIG with certain products on our site. Camp trunks and other camping gear make for awesome and exciting Christmas gifts!

When we have a sale, we like to stick to that sale for a while. We don’t want to make our customers feel too rushed about getting the great deals they want. This year’s holiday sale extends from Tuesday, Dec. 4th to Monday, the 10th, giving our customers an entire week to take advantage of everything we’ve marked down!

You can enjoy browsing our site in which you’re sure to find hundreds of items marked at 10 to 20% off. But read on to get a convenient, little breakdown of our hottest deals and click right over to that particular product page on our site!Check out the discount available to you when you find your camp and enter your code!


First and definitely foremost, get any C&N Camp Trunk or a Pop-Up-Soft-Trunk for $10 off…now that alone, may not sound like the hottest deal, but then, if you select your camp through the homepage on our site and enter in your camp code, you’ll get an additional $10 off!  


Secondly, we have new Candy Pink Holiday Apparel which we’re putting at a staggering 35% off! Find fleece pajama pants, onesies, robes, and blankets printed with cute Christmas and Chanukah themes.


Lastly, as mentioned above, there are going to be literally hundreds of items on sale for 10 to 20% off on our website. To find a number of these discount items in no time-flat, click on the following links to our Crazy Creek Chairs, our Sleeping Bags, as well as our Laundry Bags.

Check out lots of other great deals across the whole site! And, while our sale does last the week, don’t dally! You don’t want these deals passing you by! Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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