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Derek’s Favorite Product

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Hey, Camp Lovers!

Do you love camping gear as much as we do? Today’s Blog post presents the second installment of our Everything Summer Camp “Employee Picks” in which individual employees talk about their favorite particular products that we offer right here at Everything Summer Camp.

You may recall a few months back in July when I posted about someone who always has his work cut out for him around here. He’s our guy in the shipping/receiving department, Derek.

Not only does Derek bear enough of the duties that everyone else has in shipping, like picking, packing, and printing orders, but he also handles the majority of Everything Summer Camp’s incoming freight whether the shipments be stock items, equipment for all of our personalized products, or simply overhead for our office building.

Needless to say, Derek works with our products on a daily basis. What’s his favorite product from Everything Summer Camp?wheel away system

Derek is a fan of the innovative Wheel Away System—a simple and discreet steel bracket on the bottom of your trunk that lets you pop your wheels on and off without any tools. These wheels handle rough terrain as well as stairs—so there’s no heavy lifting required to move your camp trunk after it’s loaded up and full!

“It makes it easier to move around and it installs with little effort,” says Derek. The Wheel Away System really is one of the easiest ways to convert your camp trunk into an easy-to-transport, storage unit/piece of furniture. The best part about the Wheel Away System—besides the easy transportation it provides—is its simplicity.

Once you pop your wheels into place, your footlocker is ready to roll within literal seconds. But—as the kids on Reading Rainbow always said—you don’t have to take my word for it!

Till next time, Camp Fans.


- John
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