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Crazy Creek Chairs Add Comfort And Warmth To Those Cold Bleachers

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Hey, Football Enthusiasts!

The other day I talked about Pinterest—a cool, easy-to-use Web site that’s a lot of help for planning football parties. Everyone here at Everything Summer Camp is pretty into football so we know how much fun it is getting together with friends to watch the game and what you expect from your football party planning!

Of course, the televised games of the NFL may not be the most important football games in your family. For those of you who have high school or peewee games to watch from the bleachers—then this blog post is for you. I’m going to give you some of the best advice you can use for these games.

If you haven’t already met, allow me to introduce you to Crazy Creek Camp Chairs. These chairs haven’t just revolutionized the comfort of camping, they make any occasion comfortable—wherever you go. Incredibly portable and lightweight, these chairs let you have a seat no matter where you are!crazy creek chair

Let’s face it—football games are fun to watch, but people don’t want to sit on cold, uncomfortable bleachers for two or more hours at a time! You don’t want to miss out on a football game that means so much to your kid but you also don’t want to suffer through an eternity of cold seats and sore keisters.

There’s a handful of different types of Crazy Creek chairs you can use to bring a little comfort to camp or sporting events. You can find them at Everything Summer Camp—the Original Crazy Creek Chair, the Hex 2.0, the Everywhere Camp Chair, and Crazy Creek’s latest creation, the Air Chair Plus (a camp chair and also camp mattress).

So say goodbye to cold, uncomfortable bleachers and sore bottoms this football season and enjoy the games without sacrificing comfort!


- John
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