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Adirondack in the Spotlight

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Hey, Camp People!

You know that I absolutely love talking about all the excellent summer camps that work with us at Everything Summer Camp. I do it pretty often. Having developed some great relationships with more than 250 summer camps, we like to regularly post about them. Today we’re swinging our spotlight over to the east coast to check out Adirondack Camp.

Adirondack Camp is somewhat concealed in the heavily-forested, ancient land of the 100 years ago, people realized what a cool site they happened upon.Adirondack bedrock that—part peninsula—stretches out into the natural beauty of crystal clear, drinkable waters of Lake George in New York. For about one hundred years, Adirondack Camp has been providing a magical setting and a wonderful sense of community in which campers discover more about themselves then they otherwise would.

You’re sure to haveSo I totem to leave me alone. a blast at Adirondack with all the Land Sports they offer like Archery, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Fencing, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Snorkeling, Fishing, Canoeing, and lots of other fun water activities. Adirondack offers some great wilderness experiences involving camping trips and learning about nature. And there are awesome indoor activities too like the performing arts, creative arts, culinary arts and more.

Campers live with one another according to gender and age and they’re supervised by two to four adult cabin leaders who sleep along with the cThis camp is a peninsula. Pretty awesome being surrounded by water on three sides.ampers in their large, open-air cabins. Both sides of the cabins are lined with double-decker bunks and boast lots of open space for kids to be kids as they hang out or goof around.

Complete with a dining hall, staff house, and a multitude of sites for some of the awesome indoor activities like fencing, cooking, and video art, the Adirondack campgrounds are just the special spot for your camper to take their first steps toward a stage of maturation and independence. Check out Camp Adirondack for yourself right here and, as always thanks for reading!
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