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A Day just for Dad

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Happy Father’s Day, Everybody!

Throughout the eight years of writing the Everything Summer Camp Blog, I’ve written a good handful of posts about honoring and celebrating Father’s Day…eight—to be exact! There are a handful of ways to approach Father’s Day: consider all the things your dad does for you, think about what you can do for him, think about what you definitely should NOT do for his sake... Let’s review some of those valuable pointers from Father’s Days past.

What Dad does for You
Consider all the things your dad does to keep your household running and give him the gratitude, happiness, and love that he deserves today and every day! He’s a wealth of knowledge and maybe wisdom, he does lots of lawn and home care, and he often knows how to fix things when the lawnmower is broke or the toilet won’t flush.

What You can do for Him
These ideas are basic and require only materials that you likely already have in your house. And don’t feel bad about not buying your present; your dad will probably appreciate a homemade project more! You can make him a greeting card, create a fingerpainting, make a picture, or make a homemade desk ornament. Get a closer look at these ideas on this Blog post.

 What You can do WITH Him
Play catch, catch a movie, get musical, play a game. Today’s all about enjoying the day with your dad! Get out and have fun with your father so you can give him the best Father’s Day you can!

Whatever you do to celebrate Father’s Day, make sure to do it out of gratitude for your dad! Make him feel special for the day and show him how much you care. Have a great Father’s Day, Everyone. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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