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Happy Father’s Day, Daddies!

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Hey, Proud Papas!

Happy Father’s Day! Dads all around the world are honored on this day for the unconditional loving support they give to their children every day. Last month, Happy Father's Day, Fathers, from Everything Summer Camp.I posted gift ideas for mothers on Mother’s Day. Never mind that it’s already Father’s Day—doesn’t mean it’s too late to create a heartfelt gift to present to your dad.

As I prefaced in my Mother’s Day post, if a low budget (or lack of one) is what’s kept you from getting a gift for your dad, then this is the Blog post for you! These ideas are basic and require only materials that you likely already have in your house. And don’t feel bad about not buying your present; your dad will probably appreciate a homemade project more!

Greet Him with a Greeting CardMake your dad a card for Father's Day.
Make a card on your own for Father’s Day! It’s a thoughtful gift that gives you creativity so you can express to your dad exactly how you feel and not how a greeting card company assumes you do. You can go simple with an 8½” x 11” sheet of paper folded in half or get a little fancier if you’re feeling your “origami” skills and try to make this Tie and T-shirt greeting card.
Fingerpaint is a fun way to say Happy Father's Day.
Finger Paint is Handy
Sometimes creativity can be a little messy, but it’s all worth it for Father’s Day (as long as you don’t make him clean up). Have fun and get creative with your gift and see what you can do with your hands. And remember—the more fun you have, the more your father is sure to appreciate it!

Make a PictureSketch something nice for your dad today.
Maybe your dad loves to take you fishing. Maybe you two are always going golfing or playing a simple game of catch in the backyard. Whatever fun times you share with your father, show him what it means to you with a picture that makes him think of all your great times together.

Do-It-Yourself Decorations
Dads are notorious for having what’s come to be Does your dad rock with the puns too?known as ‘Dad Humor’. Their jokes are typically dripping with puns that make us cringe and moan. Give him a little bit back for Father’s Day with this punny ‘You Rock’ rock for display on a dresser top or office desk.

These are just some ideas that you’re more-than-likely able to make for your Father’s Day gift today. Or maybe these ideas have inspired a gift idea of your own. In any case, enjoy the fun in the artistic and creative process and make your father proud! Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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