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What Dads Do

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Happy Father’s Day, Everybody!

Today’s all about enjoying the day with your dad! Get out and have fun with your father so you can give him the best Father’s Day you can! Just as we did with Mother’s Day last month, instead of going over what fun or nice things you can do with the ol’ man, we’ll review some of the great things dads typically do around the house and for the family. And whatever you do to celebrate Father’s Day, make sure to do it out of gratitude for your dad!

Ask Dad, He Knows…
Dad lived a whole lot of life before you ever entered the world and probably learned a thing or two each day throughout all of his life experiences. He’s a wealth of knowledge; ask him about anything you’re unsure of. He likely has some insight or another.

Maintenance Man
While I went through a short list of domestic living chores in my Mother’s Day post in May, Dads usually share some amount of chores whether they fall into the category of cleaning house, lawn care, making updates, or running errands.

Maybe Dad Can Fix It
It seems to run in the DNA makeup of Dads that they develop the ability to fix it when the lawnmower won’t start, or the dishwasher leaks, or the toilet overflows. The personal family handyman (until the experts are necessary)—what would we do without dad?!

Consider all the things your dad does to keep your household running and give him the gratitude, happiness, and love that he deserves today and every day! Check out previous Father’s Day posts to find ideas on what you can get for him or maybe even make something yourself. Maybe it’s something you do for him. Whatever it is, make it a happy Father’s Day and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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