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Why Mom Matters:

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Hey, Kiddos!

In the past I’ve written about things you can do for your mother on Mother’s Day along with things not to do on Mother’s Day. But in honor of Mother’s Day this year, let’s just take a look at all the different ways that our moms are there for us and whatever you do for your mother today, make sure you do it with gratitude for her. Here’s a bunch of ways that our moms help us out each day.

A Laundry List of Chores
Domestic life is full of upkeep. Our moms are constantly cooking meals, doing laundry, running errands, changing poopy diapers, reading bedtime stories, etc. And to those of you who say your mom doesn’t change your diaper anymore…she did! Some might see these daily activities as insignificant, but running a household is practically a fulltime job and so is parenting. Moms are typically overworked, so give your mom a hand however you can.

Mom Mood
Did you ever notice that when mom’s in a bad mood it’s like a dark cloud hanging directly over your house. The whole family seems to connect with the same mood and start behaving accordingly. The same goes for when moms are in good moods. Aside from a stray mess or tantrum, mom’s overall cheerfulness will almost always effect everyone under the roof. Moms have a way of setting the level of peace and happiness in the home! Help make your mom happy. You’ll be happy you did!

Your Mom Rocks
Kids need the love of their mothers. The love of a mother is an immovable rock that children can always count on—even when they’re being naughty. An unconditional love gives kids security and peace of mind. What an amazing thing that our mothers do for us that they stand in the face of wailing babies, pouting toddlers, rebellious teens, and all the rest with a firm stance of love. Show your mom how much you love her back.

Enjoy spending time with your mother on this year’s marvelous Mother’s Day and show her the gratitude, happiness, and love that she deserves today and every day. And, as always, Campers—thanks for reading. Happy Mother’s Day!


- John

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