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Happy Mothers’ Day, Kids!

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Hey, Everybody!

Happy Mothers’ Day! Mothers across the world are honored on this day for their graceful selflessness and undying love and support. Last year I told you the reason why mothers are honored so and gave a brief history of this holiday, whereas today, I’m going to give you five ways you can honor your moms!Happy Mother's Day! Put a smile on your mom's face!1.) Design your own maze, word search, word jumbles or other fun paper and pen games.
Lots of Moms enjoy putting their brains to these fun, little recreational activities. They’re easy entertainment and a fun diversion. And Word Searches can be easy to design if you have some graph paper handy. Just scrawl your motherly-themed words into an allotted ‘board’ and then fill in the remaining grid squares with random letters! I used to make them all the time when I was little.

2.) Make your own card and/or Mother Coupon.
Making your own card is easy! Just fold a normal 8.5” x 11” piece of paper and voila—you have a front, an inside, and a back: a card! Write your mother a little message to express your love and gratitude to her. You can even go the extra mile and give your mom a coupon that offers her uninterrupted, quiet time, a dinner you prepared, a solid housecleaning done by yourself, or some other nice service.

3.) Draw a picture for your mother.
A picture says a thousand words and, often times, the thought of this gift alone is enough to put a tear or two in your mom’s eyes.

4.) Write your mother a poem.
You can always put your rhyming skills to action and write a Mother’s Day Poem. Express your appreciation in verse if you’re a poet and you know it.Make this craft for your mom's gift today

5.) Build your mother a craft
Lastly, nothing says ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ like the well-executed result of a creative arts and crafts project that you make. There are a bunch of great ideas out there. I found this one.

Check it out and make something nice for your mom today! Happy Mother’s Day and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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