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New Horse Riding Apparel for Camp

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Hey, Camp Fans! 

If you’re planning on going horseback riding this summer, then you’ll definitely want to make sure that you have the proper horse riding apparel. On today’s post, I’ll be going over five separate articles of clothing from English Riding Supply specifically designed for horseback riding.

Ovation Euro Tight

Our first item of riding apparel is the EQ Athlete Polo. Made of cotton/spandex jersey, this polo is fashionable, cute, and comfortable. It bears an Athlete print on the left chest and a full horse crest print on the back. You’re sure to remain comfortable while riding in this athletic fabric!

Another great riding top to consider is the EQ Style Polo. Like the EQ Athlete, the EQ Style too is made of cotton/spandex jersey. Unlike the other polo, this one is not printed but embroidered on the left chest and on the back with the Equestrian Style design. Aside from the embroidery, these shirts are two toned with a complimentary-colored collar and bottoms of the sleeves.

And now onto the Euro Tight—it’s made of a mid-weight cotton/spandex blend. Another two-tone garment, the stylish Euro Tight goes well with the EQ Style Pro—no matter what color combination you go with. This tight has star-shaped rivets, a wide smooth-fit waistband, belt loops, and coin pocket OV.

Or you could go with the Horseshoe Jean Breech. Also made of a mid-weight cotton/spandex blend, this breech mimics the classic jean look with contrast stitching and wide a smooth-fit waistband with belt loops. Given embroidered horseshoe designs on both back pockets, the Jean Breech is as close to jeans as you can get in a pair of horse riding pants.

Lastly, I’ll talk about the Elite Half Chaps. These half chaps are made of a lightweight, soft Amara. They bear an embroidered pony design and have stretch panels that are sure to make for a close fit. They have snap closures on the top and bottom along with hidden zippers to help keep dirt out!

Now that you know what to wear, you can finish preparing for some comfortable and stylish horseback riding this summer! Have a blast and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Camp Alleghany

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Steeped in Traditions

Camp Alleghany is an all-girls’ overnight summer camp located in the Alleghany Mountains in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Girls 1st through 10th grades spend three weeks at a time on the beautiful and peaceful banks of the Greenbrier River, away from the many distractions of the school year.

Girls having fun at Camp AlleghanyAs the oldest girls’ camp in the Virginias, Alleghany has continually upheld the purposes established by her founders more than 80 years ago.  Camp Alleghany educates young women in the principles of sportsmanship, citizenship, cooperation, consideration for others, the Honor System, and meaningful appreciation of cultural and spiritual traditions. These goals are achieved in a lively, relaxed, and fun setting, allowing the girls to enhance their self-esteem and boost their confidence while growing in maturity and responsibility.

Alleghany’s philosophy is that when young women spend time together in a structured yet fun setting, away from their male friends, school, peer pressure, and academic expectations, they gain confidence and leadership potential. Alleghany offers a chance to experience new activities, to express one’s self, and to broaden one’s abilities without the pressures of our fast-paced society. Living under an honor system and in the safety of the wilderness away from the distractions of modern technology, the girls build new skills, lasting friendships, and solid self-confidence.

Thanks for reading, Folks!



Keep it rolling – Moose Wheeled Duffel Bag

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Hey, Camp Fans,

We all know what fun summer camp is. And we also know what kind of a hassle it can be to get yourself and all your summer camp gear there and back in one piece. That’s where we come in with the J World Moose Wheeled Duffel BagJWorld-Moose Wheeled Duffel.

You can trust this duffel to make a trip to camp a lot easier on you. It’s got plenty of room inside to fit lots of the gear you’ll need at camp. The Moose has padding inside for absolute safety of all your valuables as well as no shortage of pockets and compartments for easy and organized storage.

It may be a long, bumpy road to your camp, but you can rest assured that all your belongings will be safe inside your J World Moose and look the same as when you first packed it all up and started your journey.

The J World Moose is made with two soft and silent wheels that work great for smoothly traversing a hectic airport where quick turns and pivoting can be necessary amongst the crowds. And the Moose also rolls great on a terrain that is much rougher than that of an airport floor; say, like your unpaved campgrounds!

The bottom of this wheeled duffel bag is ABS molded with inner padding that guarantees the protection of all your valuables inside.

Whether you’re taking your Moose along with you to go on a hike, going to the beach, or simply moving your gear to and from camp, the Moose is made to keep up with your eventful summer. It will deliver all the durability and convenience you could want in a rolling duffel bag.

The Moose has a full-sized, U-shaped, zippered opening for easy packing as well as zippered mesh and a pocket that can hold your shoes or anything you have that’s gotten wet—all of which makes this duffel bag easily accessible and perfect for your summer camp experience.

Let this wheeled Moose keep camp convenient and care-free and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

New Horse Riding Helmets – Giddy Up!

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Giddy up, Camp Preppers!

As we post about our new products, it’s our hope that you are coming across items and gear that will be of interest to you for your specific summer camping activities. 

If you have a deep-seeded appreciation, love, and respect for horses and horseback riding, then you’ll find this particular blog post invaluably beneficial for the coming camp season. Today, I’ll be discussing The Ovation™ Deluxe Schooler Helmet as well as a fun way to dress it up with cool Helmet Zocks!—the best way to cover and decorate your helmet in awesome, bright designs.

The Deluxe Schooler from English Riding Supply is the right helmet for any entry Ovation_schooler_purplelevel rider because of its many, many conveniences. No rider, let alone a lesser experienced one should have to deal with a heavy helmet that fits too tight and makes riding hot, sweaty, and overall uncomfortable.

A rider who is equipped with the Schooler Helmet won’t have to worry about any of this unpleasantness. Because this helmet is ventilated and lightweight, it will wear comfortably and keep your head cool. Then, for even more comfort and added protection, the interior is mesh-padded.

The Schooler also features a removable breakaway visor along with a dial fit system and a leather and nylon adjustable harness so that it not only meets your personal riding preferences, but is sure to meet the specific size of your head. This helmet delivers maximum comfort!

ASTM F1163-04a/SEI Certified, this helmet is more-than-suitable for riding but also good enough to use as a show helmet!

Zocks-Lime with Purple Dots

It’s given a rubberized finish for a very sleek look, but if you really want to ride in your own style, Ovation™ Helmet Zocks are the way to go! Helmet Zocks, socks for your riding helmet, not only cloak your helmet in your preferred design, but also provides your helmet with protection–avoiding scratches or getting marked up in any way.

Arrive at riding camp wearing the Ovation™ Deluxe Schooler Helmet and sporting a great Zocks cover! Are you ready to ride? As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Employee Bio: Shirley

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Hey, Camp Folks!

At the beginning of the month, we had our first Employee Bio blog post about Kristy, Everything Summer Camp’s Lead Buyer.

The hope with these particular blog posts is for you to get to know us better here at Everything Summer Camp, learn a thing or two about the people who work here, andShirley, production supervisor at Everything Summer Camp have a better understanding of who we are as a company.

Today marks our second Employee Bio post about our Production Supervisor, Shirley. She plays a very vital role in the construction of our camp trunks. As the Supervisor, Shirley coordinates the scheduling for production based on the orders for camp trunks that we get from you.

She also keeps her eye on inventory levels and assigns daily goals for her crew. Together, they get everyone’s camp trunk made, custom to what you ordered and we ship it out to you in plenty of time before summer camp starts!

A camp trunk, a foot locker, locker trunks—it doesn’t really matter what you call them; in any case, Shirley makes them and she’s probably one of the best in the country at doing it. After almost 26 years of building them, we pretty much consider her an expert at this point! 

If you’re all brushed-up on your Everything Summer Camp trivia, you may already realize that Shirley has been working here ever since this company first got going—that’s pretty impressive. The length of her employment just goes to show how much she likes her job.

What’s kept her here for so long? “I enjoy the people that I work with and take satisfaction in the products we make,” she says. Having started out as a Production Worker, Shirley’s come to have an exceptional understanding of what durable trunk construction is and how to achieve it on every single one she builds.

So, after reading this post and learning a little about Shirley, aren’t you glad we have her in charge of making your camp trunk? Until next time, Campers. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John