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The History of Prince Tennis Company

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Hey, Tennis Devotees!

Do you know who the real titan of tennis is? When you’re talking about the top, there’s no question about it, Prince is the king! So how did a colossus of the courts ever get into the business of tennis equipment? What did the beginning look like for Prince?

Well, nearly 45 years ago, it looked pretty different than it does now. There weren’t any racquets, strings, footwear, apparel—HECK!—I’m not sure that they had tennis balls that actually said “Prince” on them! So what did they sell?

The company was founded in 1970 by a man named Bob McClure. By reversing the motor of a vacuum cleaner in his garage, Mr. McClure had engineered the world’s first ball machine for home courts. The machine came to be known as The Little Prince and he’s what started it all for Prince Tennis.

Constant leaders in innovation and technological advancements, Prince knew how to set itself apart from the competition from the beginning. They developed their racquets beyond what anyone else had ever attempted. By 1979, Prince racquets had become the racquets that “top players” used.

By 1995, Prince introduced the Longbody Racquet which came to receive the title “World’s #1 Racquet.” Famous tennis champions such as Pat Cash, Monica Seles, Patrick Rafter, Jana Novotná, Jennifer Capriata, Juan Carlos, Maria Sharapova, and Josh Isner won their matches, playing with nothing other than their favorite of Prince racquets.

Everything Summer Camp is more than excited to be working alongside a company with such an obvious understanding of how business is done. You can find amazing racquets, tennis bags, and new tennis balls from Prince right here at your one stop shop where you can find all sorts of gear and supplies for all your summer camp needs—Everything Summer Camp.


- John
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