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Teresa Says Why She Loves The Exxel Outdoors Cub Youth Sleeping Bag.

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Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

Allow me to virtually introduce you to one of our production workers here at Everything Summer Camp. Teresa works with Shirley, the Production Supervisor. These two are experts at manufacturing C&N Footlockers. I’ve already told you about how much Shirley loves Lid Skinz. Today I’m talking about Teresa’s favorite product.

Teresa’s favorite product is the Exxel Outdoors Cub Youth Sleeping Bag. Curling up in the exxel outdoors cub youth sleeping bagsCub is just the thing to keep the chill away on a cool night. It’s lightweight with two pounds of fill making it very easy to tote around. It’s comfortable on a 45° to 55° F night. With the Cub, you can camp out like you’re roughin’ it and sleep like you’re at home.

“My girl uses the Exxel Outdoors Cub Youth Sleeping Bag for all the sleepovers she goes to,” says Teresa. “Whether her and her friends just sprawl their sleeping bags out on the living room floor or decide to spend the night in the backyard, the Exxel Cub is able to provide the warmth she needs.”

Despite its resilience, The Exxel Outdoors Cub is also a very lightweight sleeping bag designed for young campers. With the Exxel Cub, campers can avoid getting too hot and carrying a bulky sleeping bag out on a trail. This sleeping bag also rolls up to squeeze into a compartment in your backpack for sleeping bags.

A simple sleeping bag, the Exxel Outdoors Cub is the perfect bag for any youthful camper. It’s made to stand up to lots of common camping abuse that it’s bound to see when taken out for a night under the stars. You don’t need to take Teresa’s word for it, though. Get it for your young camper and find out what she’s talking about!


- John
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