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Hey, Fun Fans!

At Everything Summer Camp, we pride ourselves on knowing what campers will find cool. This new game we started carrying ought to receive some attention and stir up some excitement. We’ve got Spikeball! Maybe you’ve already heard of it. It’s the perfect volleyball alternative for fun at summer camp and trips to the beach!

This game is awesome! A fresh twist for 2-on-2 volleyball, because this game is played with a trampoline for the “net”, it relies heavily on spikes and drop shots that send players diving around. This is an extremely addictive yard game, so when you finally play it, get ready to fall in love.
Enjoy playing Spikeball with all the freinds you make at summer camp.

Here’s how you play the game:

The game really is played the same as four-player volleyball—the only difference being that instead of hitting the “spikeball” over the net, the players hit the ball ONTO the net (a.k.a. the trampoline). When the ball bounces off the net it is the opposing team’s chance to return it.

Just the same as volleyball, the teams are allowed to pass the ball back and forth up to three times before they are forced to return the ball by bouncing it into the trampoline.

Your team loses the point when you are unable to bounce the ball off the net before it hits the ground.

To serve, simply toss the ball up (not very high) and hit it downward onto the trampoline. After the ball has been served, sides don’t exist; teams are able to use the entire area around the trampoline.

Games are played to 21 with each serve registering a point. Spikeball rules state that teams must win by two. That it, the team has to win by a margin of at least 2 points.

If you want to get official about it all, you can check out the official rules to Spikeball right here. Have a blast with your friends when you pick up your own Spikeball game set right here. Be sure to check out the fun video below and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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