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C&N Nameplates of Old and C&N Nameplates Now

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Hey, Trunk Owners!

Reminiscent of the classic nameplates found on briefcases, C&N Nameplates, are here to make your Camp Trunk POP! We have a great designing tool on our website so you can create your own custom nameplate that’s as unique as you are! With a slew of choices in background colors, icons, font styles, and nameplate sizes along with your personalized text, campers can design something that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Take a look at the original C&N Nameplate we offered.

But that wasn’t always the case with our nameplates. Back in the day, we offered only our smallest size with just one font option that appeared in black against the silver plate. No background choices. No icons to pick. No color. They had a simple charm about them…. Very, very simple.

In the early days of this product, they were all made on a silver plate that was covered in a photosensitive layer of black gunk called anodized aluminum. Overlaying the plates with a transparency that we would use as a negative with the camper’s names included on it, we then exposed the plates and negative to UV light.

Have a gander at the options in nameplates we offer now.

The anodized aluminum on the plate that was exposed to the UV light ended up getting baked on. We would simply then wet and wipe away the rest of the aluminum gunk on the plate, leaving behind a crisp print of a name.

As time progressed, however, so did our Nameplates. Around 2010, we found entirely new methods and materials to use that allowed for the addition of so many choices, colors, fonts, icons, and sizes. Not only is our designing process cool and fun, it’s also empowering for children to take part in shopping for and customizing their gear, lending them a sense of control, independence, and ownership over their summer camp experience.

Go design your own Nameplate right now when you click right here! Have a blast creating this identification for your camp trunk! Till next time—thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John Sieglaff

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