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Float Away on these Fascinating Tubing Facts

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Hey, Tubers!

Tubing is not just a thrilling water activity; it's a summer tradition that has been enjoyed for centuries. Whether you're cruising down a lazy river or speeding across a lake behind a boat, tubing promises endless fun and excitement for kids of all ages. If you're itching to jump into the water and join the tubing craze, here are ten fascinating facts that will have them ready to dive in headfirst.

Tubing is a fun, thrilling, relaxing camp activity that will have your camper begging for more!

Tubing's Rich History

Dating back to the early 1700s, tubing has roots as both a mode of transportation and a leisure activity among the British royals. It's one of the oldest forms of water recreation and has become the thrilling adventure we know today. In the early 1900s, a rubber company introduced the first commercial tubes that revolutionized the tubing experience. These inflatable inner tubes paved the way for the modern tubing industry, making it accessible to people worldwide.

Epic Tubing Journeys

Did you know that the longest tubing trip ever recorded was a 100-mile journey down the Mississippi River? It's a testament to the endurance and excitement that tubing enthusiasts experience on their aquatic expeditions.

Enjoy the unique perspective out on the water when you go on a Tubing adventure!

Beating the Summer Heat

Nothing beats the heat like a refreshing tubing trip down a lazy river or a dip in a cool lake. Tubing offers the perfect way to cool off on hot summer days while having a blast with family and friends.

Affordable Adventure

One of the best things about tubing is its affordability. Many waterways allow you to bring your own tube, and even renting one is usually budget-friendly. It's a fantastic way to enjoy an action-packed adventure without breaking the bank.


With its rich history, diverse options, and affordability, tubing is an exciting way for kids to experience the outdoors and create lasting memories. It’s also an opportunity to explore hidden coves and scenic vistas that you wouldn't discover otherwise. So grab your tube, gather your friends and family, and dive into an aquatic adventure like no other!

From its humble beginnings to its thrilling modern-day adventures, tubing offers endless excitement and fun for kids of all ages. With these ten fascinating facts in mind, your 13-8 year olds are sure to be eager to embark on their tubing journey and make a splash in the great outdoors. So pack your sunscreen, grab your tube, and get ready for an unforgettable aquatic adventure! Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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