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The sweet shade of Candy Pink

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Hey, Camp Lovers!

As it’s prime time for all of you to be gearing up for the fast-approaching summer camp season, it’s that time again for Everything Summer Camp as well. That’s why we’ve recently made outstanding additions to our stellar camp shop. While we’ve already added a LOT, we’re not done just yet! We put our heads together for our most recent addition and said, “Let’s think Pink…”
candy ;ink for the fashion minded tweenTake a peek at our latest bedtime apparel of Fleece Robes, Pants, and Shorts from Candy Pink!

These bedtime and lazy morning apparel pieces work great for getting sweet dreams and beauty sleep at summer camp or afterward, at home. The Robe, Pants, and Shorts are all made of 100% polyester. Pick your favorite design of these four, fun availaThis fleece robe is 100% polyesterble options—Bubblegum, Handbag, Make-Up, and Neon Animal—and be sure to catch your Zzz’s in these comfy fleece pajama bottoms.

Begin and end each day at camp living the life of luxury. You’ll know it every time you sink into a Candy Pink Robe. You’ll be the coolest at camp in your Fleece Robe that matches or compliments the Candy Pink design on your pajama bottoms. Wrap yourself in complete comfort and fall in love Wear these fleecy pants to bedwith a Fleece Robe of your own.

The epitome of soft, these Fleece Pants make excellent pajama bottoms at night or the enjoyable rainy morning. They fit nicely, giving you a snug hug around your waist. Go with these awesome pants for your camp stay.

Of course, if it’s too hot out, better go with a pair of make up design fleece shortsFleece Shorts as well. They’ll be super-comfy on a hot summer day or sitting around a roasting fire at night. Sure to keep you comfy and not-too-hot when you wear them to bed, these Shorts are perfect for a pleasant camp stay.

Shop all of our p.m. apparel right here and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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