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C&N Manufacturing: Home of the Footlocker

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Hey, Crazy Campers!

If you’re an avid reader of our blog and a frequent visitor on our Web site, then you may already know some of what I’ll be discussing in today’s post—like how Everything Summer Camp wasn’t always called Everything Summer Camp. The company used to be C&N Footlockers, named after Craig and Nancy Cornell.building

Craig and Nancy founded C&N in 1987, manufacturing their classic trunks right out of the proverbial home-garage in Boyd, Wisconsin. They made 380 black footlockers—all the same size—with unmatched, rugged construction. Along with excellent customer service, C&N Footlockers was sure to be a success.

As business picked up, they started offering more colors and different sizes. They relocated in need of more space for the manufacturing and storage of their trunks.

Eventually, as business kept on increasing, they relocated once again to a bigger building which is the same building that we still reside in today! In the building’s factory is where every single C&N Footlocker is manufactured.

We remain modest people at Everything Summer Camp, but facts are facts and C&N Footlockers are truly the best camp trunks you can find. The interior of our trunks are covered with DuraWrap Liner. It’s water-resistant, odor-free, and virtually tear-proof. Made with unquestionably rock-solid craftsmanship, C&N Footlockers are built to last a lifetime.

Everything Summer Camp, the home of C&N Footlockers, now offers four different trunk sizes, over twenty colors and patterns, and lots of awesome trunk accessories that really optimize the use of your camp trunks.

A lot has changed since we got our start twenty-six years ago, but we’re still just as dedicated to making our trunks the same way we always have. That’s why we still brand every trunk we make with the C&N Footlockers emblem. Happy camping!


- John

Thank you Robert Borland!

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Hey, Camp Enthusiasts!

From time to time on this blog I like to post about other companies with whom Everything Summer Camp is proud to do business. In March I talked about some great companies—Kamik, Woolrich, Crazy Creek, and Kelty.

For today’s post I want to talk about The Bug Patch—not the actual patch, but the company responsible for it, Quick Start Marketing, LLC. Last week, I posted about the way that the actual Bug Patch works (which pretty much necessitates a post completely on its own).

But in summary, it works by placing a uniform shipment of the B1 vitamin—thiamin directly into your bloodstream. The B1 thiamin then gets secreted through your pores as you sweat, which masks the odor of carbon dioxide that the bugs seem to like so much.

The bugs won’t even realize you’re around!Bug Patch for natural insect repellent

It’s a pretty clever idea that belongs to a Mr. Robert Borland. Robert’s Bug Patch works on a completely natural level. There’s no DEET or any other chemically-based activity happening underneath this natural insect repellent.

And The Bug Patch leaves you with no smell, no residue, no restrictions, no bugs! From ticks to mosquitoes to chiggers to gnats to black and yellow flies, the Bug Patch guarantees your protection from all of them for 24 hours using just one patch!

The Bug Patches have been awarded the National Parenting “Seal of Approval,” so you know that it’s a perfectly safe insect repellent for kids. This product is 100% natural and doctor recommended.

Robert started marketing The Bug Patch in 2004. And for the last nine years it’s really created a buzz since Quick Start Marketing, LLC was first founded in Robert’s garage.

The company has grown and expanded since then, now occupying larger facilities in Pinckard, Alabama where all of The Bug Patch’s packaging, shipping, and administrative functions happen. Everything Summer Camp is thrilled to be offering such an ingenious product as Robert Borland’s Bug Patch!

I think I’ll speak for everyone who uses The Bug Patch this summer when I say, “Thanks, Rob!”

Until next time, Campers.


- John

Kelty est. 1952

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Hey there, Camp Enthusiasts!

Today’s blog post will discuss another one of the great companies whose excellent products we offer here at Everything Summer Camp. The last time we discussed such a business was with Crazy Creek. We learned about the rainy, horrible night that gave Rob Hart the idea for the Crazy Creek Chair and his good friend John who now owns the company.Kelty Logo

This blog post features one of the coolest brands to buy since 1952! Kelty has established itself as the affordable and reliable place to go for outdoor, camping gear. Whether you’re an experienced camp buff or a nervous novice, Kelty gives everyone the confidence to really experience an involvement in nature and not have to avoid it.

For a few years in the late-forties and early-fifties, a carpenter named Dick Kelty started making packs out of his garage at home. He sold them to his friends and nearly made seven hundred dollars in his first year of business. Dick made each backpack frame by hand and welded them. His wife sewed them.

Business grew rapidly. In 1953, Kelty’s sales tripled. The next year, they doubled. A couple years after that, Dick quit his carpentry business to work on Kelty backpacks full-time.

I guess you could say that Kelty was hot from the start. It wasn’t long after that that, Kelty packs were used exclusively in an expedition for the first American ascent on the West Ridge of Mt. Everest. A couple years after that, Kelty was used again by National Geographic for an expedition in Antarctica! In 1975 they were used for the American ascent of K2.

Over the years Kelty has started offering a wider range of family and camping products like Kelty sleeping bags, kids sleeping bags, clothing, luggage, and child carriers. They’ve also revamped products. In 1974, they introduced their first internal frame backpack.

Today, Kelty continues adding to and improving upon the camping gear they offer. Most recently, in 2013, they introduced the first inflatable tent, the AirPitch™ along with DriDown™, their natural, hydrophobic down that isn’t scared of a little moisture.

Everything Summer Camp is more than happy to be doing business with a company that loves to evolve as much as we do. Thank you, Kelty.

Until next time. Thanks for reading, Campers!


- John

Crazy Good Camp Chairs!

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Hey, Camp Buddies!

Today’s blog post shines the spotlight on another company whose excellent product we offer. Previously, we took a look at Woolrich, discussing the products they make, their early beginnings, and the company’s longevity.

This blog post features everyone’s favorite camp chair place: Crazy Creek which has been bringing comfort to the outdoors since 1987. A very good year as it was the same one that delivered the birth of Everything Summer Camp!

It all started on a dark and stormy night in Colorado when Rob Hart and his Outward Bound campers found themselves wet, glum, and sitting on fallen logs and tree stumps. Camping is hard enough with weather that agrees, but without that weather, camping wasn’t very comfortable.

Rob knew it didn’t have to be that way, but how? He knew he wanted something better to sit on, but what? You can’t expect to go camping carrying a lawn chair on your back!

But it wasn’t long until the idea came to him, based on an old wooden canoe chair that Rob’s grandfather used to use on camping trips. Rob went straight to work creating many different designs and prototypes until he had come up with a warm, dry, and cushioned seat.crazy-creek-chair-tiedye

This was something he could relax in after a long, hard day of roughin’ it!

After quickly hiring his friend, John Elsberry as his business manager, Crazy Creek saw great success from their product. It became famous the world over. Finally!—a lightweight, portable, camping chair.

John went on to leave Crazy Creek after seeing it to such success and started a business of his own, Business Support Services. Crazy Creek then thrived for nearly a decade.

Sadly, nine years after John left the company, Rob Hart died in a tragic skiing accident. Fortunately for Rob’s family, the strong business he had created continues to support them with the help of Rob’s good friend and old business manager, John.

John and his wife, made arrangements to buy the company and with the help of everyone else at Crazy Creek, they keep up the excellent quality and service that the company started 26 years ago.

Everything Summer Camp is proud to offer these comfy camp chairs that have started such a craze! Thank you, Crazy Creek! And, as always, thanks to you for reading!


- John

From humble beginnings to global success: Woolrich

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Just a few days ago we made a post on this blog about cool and interesting stories from companies with whom we do business. The other day’s blog post was about Kamik—the outdoor footwear and clothing place that got their start in 1932.


Today we’ll be taking a look at a company that got started over a hundred years earlier in 1830 by a man named John Rich who came to the United States from England and built his first woolen mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania.

It’s funny to speak of Woolrich’s modest start—the company whose name has become globally synonymous with quality—but the company’s first sales came from men at the surrounding lumber camps. Rich would sell them socks, coverlets, and yarn from out of his mule cart.

Pretty humble beginnings.

But in the next fifteen years, he had built a new mill further down the road which still stands today in the little town of Woolrich, Pennsylvania which expanded the company’s products and sales. As people’s lifestyles changed along with the ever-changing world around them, Woolrich never failed to find new means of production and advancements in technology, keeping itself a healthy, thriving company.

Woolrich has witnessed a lot: the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, The Great Depression, both World Wars, the Cold War, the Space Race, and the emergence of the Digital Age—all of which influenced the changes and growth of Woolrich.

From wool bathing suits to hunting coats to vehicle robes and steamer rugs, Woolrich has certainly expanded its trade. They were even contracted by the government in the late thirties to outfit a three-year, Antarctic expedition led by Admiral Byrd.

Along the way, Woolrich has come to perfect their recipe of wool, cotton, and manmade fibers with their excellent clothing and heavenly bedding! Everything Summer Camp is more than happy to be working with a company that has so much history; it’s great to offer blankets from the same company that blanketed soldiers in the Civil War.

That’s all for today, Camp Fans. Until next time. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John