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Reunited and it feels so…erratic?..

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Hey, Camp Parents!

Last Tuesday I gave you some pointers on making sure that you and your kid have a great visit during Visiting Days at summer camp. I focused a lot on you, giving you advice about Visiting Day—when to visit, not planning for it, giving yourself an arrival window, and what to do if you can’t make it.

Today, however, I’d like to focus more so on your kids and how they’ll react to being reunited with you.

You’re in for some curious behavior coming from them! As mentioned by summer camp experts, Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski, in ‘The Summer Camp Handbook,’ your kids’ behavior can be so unpredictable that it helps to think of their different types of reactions in categories. Here are a couple of Chris and Jon’s categories:

The Fountain of YouthSummer camp will likely have your kid talkin' for days and days to come.
These kids are really into camp! They want to bring you up to speed about everything without taking a breath. You might be scared that your kid likes camp so much that it’s more important to them than seeing you, but these turbo-speed stories should actually be comforting; your kid knows that you’re #1 in their lives. That’s why they want to fill you in on everything immediately! Enjoy the tornado!

The Poker Face
Typically ALL kids enjoy their camp stay, but Poker Face kids are oddly quiet when you see them. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t enjoying their time at camp, it usually means that camp is really special to them and they might be a little bit depressed to see that their stay is already half over. They might not know exactly how to react when they see you. But, don’t worry! You’ll get to hear their stories sooner or later.

You can read about Chris and Jon’s other camper categories and find a plethora of other helpful advice in ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’. Visiting Day can be very emotional for campers and parents alike, so definitely be prepared for it. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John


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