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Labeling Your Clothing Just Got Easier!

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Hey, Camp Aficionados!

If this isn’t your first time to camp then you probably already know how important it is to label just about everything that you take with you. That goes for water bottles, flashlights, a toothbrush, even your clothes—especially your clothes. Labeled clothing is actually required for lots of camps that offer laundry services to their campers.

That’s why we’ve been hard at work here at Everything Summer Camp, developing and improving the products that we make right here in our own facility. Our New Iron On Clothing Name Labels are our most revamped product!Iron-On Clothing Name Labels

Ironing name tapes onto clothes is tedious and time-consuming enough, so we made them faster and easier to transfer onto your kid’s camp clothing than our original, polyester labels (which are still available). Our New Name Labels are printed on a thin vinyl material that responds to heat quicker than the polyester labels. These labels become part of the shirt in no time.

You have a whole new palette of options to choose from for your font, an icon, and fun colors or cool designs for the background of your iron on labels like Camo, Dots, Hex, and Botanical Explosion.

As I already mentioned above, we make our name labels here in our own local shop. They get printed out on one of our wide-format printers. This printer also has a blade that it uses to follow a cut path that it’s received from the computer. It’s pretty impressive to see it in action.

After printing out your custom made labels and tracing out the cut path, we peel the outside top layer of vinyl to display a sheet of twenty-four Iron On Labels. Two sheets come in each set of forty-eight, or four sheets in a set of ninety-six.

Make sure your clothes go home with you after camp’s over.


- John
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