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The Versatile Headwear: Wind X-treme

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Hey, Camp Lovers!

I have quite the product to tell you about today. It’s another new product that we’ve now started to carry here at Everything Summer Camp, your one-stop online shop for all your summer camp needs. You’re guaranteed heavy-duty protection with a lightweight feel wearing this innovative headwear from Wind X-treme.

More than just a bandana, this headwear is actually, in essence, simply a stretchy sleeve. Yet, with a little imagination, and a slight amount of skill, this ingenious piece of fabric transforms into more than ten different uses! Similar to buff headwear made popular by the reality shoWDX-Main-bordeuxw Survivor, Wind X-treme headwear is sure to soon be all the rage.

The fabric is designed for many different kinds of action-sports. Whether you’re into skiing, biking, running, hiking, climbing, or tennis, Wind X-treme headwear is essential! The reason you can wear it for so many different occasions and in so many different ways is because of the fabric’s amazing elasticity.

You can wear this headwear as a facemask, a helmet liner, a skull cap, a neckerchief, a neck gaitor, a headband, balaclava, a pirate cap, for a more stoic look you can wear it as a sahariane, use it as a hairband, a scrunchy, a wristband, or a scarf! So as you can see, this garment is truly as versatile as it is soft and comfortable.

It’s made with high performance microfiber technology that’s moisture-wicking and quick to dry. Wind X-treme headwear gives you exclusive protection no matter what the season. It insulates the cold winter air as well as summer’s heat. This fabric has built-in warmth without having any additional weight. Yet it’s still highly elastic and breathable too.

This fashionable headwear is sure to be one hot item this camp season. How many uses can you wear it? Till next time, Camp Fans.


- John


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