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Is Your Child Ready For Camp?

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Hey, Camp Enthusiasts!

Parents, today I’m discussing a very important topic about summer camp: knowing whether your kid is ready for it or not. This can be a little tricky to figure out since there isn’t any exact answer or age I can give you for your camper. Everyone’s different. What I can give you is some pointers to figuring out if your kid is ready or not.Look into grabbing 'The Summer Camp Handbook' for yourself right here! thinks that seven is a good age to start, so long as your child feels comfortable with it by that point. Maybe your child is an early bloomer and was ready for it just before turning seven. Maybe your child won’t be ready until middle-school. How do you know?

Usually it’s best to leave it up to your kid to mention any interest in summer camp. Kids know what’s fun and that camp is cool.

If you think summer camp would be a good idea, yet your kid hasn’t brought it up freely, see if there’s a reason that they aren’t interested. Whether the reason be related to anxieties about making friends at camp or concerns over leaving home, make sure to address your child’s issue and not simply encourage him or her to go. Camp can be your idea, but it’s got to be your kid’s decision.

Try having your kid talk to a friend who’s already been to camp or get permission to visit a camp while in session. Both are very effective methods of easing your child’s mind about a stay at camp.

If you’re concerned about homesickness settling in, a care package is always a great way to lift your kid’s spirit. Also, remember to write! Everything Summer Camp has stationery for kids and stationery for you to make writing letters home and to camp easy and convenient.

You can also get cool and colorful name labels at Everything Summer Camp that were featured in the News recently by Nola Baby. Every camp wants everything to be labeled so that what gets brought to camp returns home. It also helps the camps that provide a laundry service to make sure the right clothing goes to the right camper.

Once your kid has decided to go to summer camp, then you just have to know how long of a stay it should be. Luckily, your kid should have a big say on this one too.

As Chris Thurber recently wrote in his March 13 post on this blog about figuring out how long to stay at camp, it “should be largely up to your child. Ownership over the decision about how many weeks to attend camp goes a long way toward promoting good adjustment to the separation from home.”

That’s all for today. Good luck, Parents. As always, thanks for reading.


- John


New! Columbia Reactor™ 35 Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Looking for the right sleeping bag to take with you to summer camp? Then you’re in luck! Today I’m talking about a new sleeping bag we’ve started carrying at Everything Summer Camp: the Reactor™ 35 Mummy from Columbia.Columbia_reactor35_mummy_sleeping bag

This sleeping bag is excellent for taking out on the camp trail because you’ll only be adding an extra two pounds to your load! Imagine the advantage you’ll have just carrying less weight through the duration of a hike that lasts longer than just one day.

Don’t let its light weight fool you, though—the Reactor™ 35 Mummy is built to keep you toasty warm and give you the rest you’ll need for all the following events of the next day brings! How can a sleeping bag be so lightweight and yet, still deliver the warmth you’ll need on cool summer nights?

Well, Columbia uses its own thermal reflective technology along with heat-trapping Thermic MX insulation. Adequate for temperatures as low as 43° F and comfortable in 51°, the Reactor™ 35 Mummy certainly won’t let you down.

For added warmth and comfort, Columbia lines the inside of the Reactor™ sleeping bag with Omni-Heat®; what is Omni-Heat® you ask? It’s thermal reflective lining that’s designed to trap your body heat and recirculate it throughout the night. The lining does a great job at providing breathability too.

The Reactor™ sleeping bag’s shell is made of Omni-Shield®—a 100% nylon, 30D micro Ripstop fabric. It employs an innovative resistance to rain or condensation within the tent to ensure a good night’s sleep for you.

Another great part about the Reactor™ is the stash pocket on the side. It’s a reliable place to keep those things that you would normally keep at your bedside or close by like a container for eyeglasses or contacts, maybe your toothbrush along with a tube of toothpaste.

The Reactor™ can fit a six-foot person. It can also deliver a blissful night of sleep under the stars. Enjoy camping the right way in camping gear from Everything Summer Camp and thanks for reading!


- John




Kelty est. 1952

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Hey there, Camp Enthusiasts!

Today’s blog post will discuss another one of the great companies whose excellent products we offer here at Everything Summer Camp. The last time we discussed such a business was with Crazy Creek. We learned about the rainy, horrible night that gave Rob Hart the idea for the Crazy Creek Chair and his good friend John who now owns the company.Kelty Logo

This blog post features one of the coolest brands to buy since 1952! Kelty has established itself as the affordable and reliable place to go for outdoor, camping gear. Whether you’re an experienced camp buff or a nervous novice, Kelty gives everyone the confidence to really experience an involvement in nature and not have to avoid it.

For a few years in the late-forties and early-fifties, a carpenter named Dick Kelty started making packs out of his garage at home. He sold them to his friends and nearly made seven hundred dollars in his first year of business. Dick made each backpack frame by hand and welded them. His wife sewed them.

Business grew rapidly. In 1953, Kelty’s sales tripled. The next year, they doubled. A couple years after that, Dick quit his carpentry business to work on Kelty backpacks full-time.

I guess you could say that Kelty was hot from the start. It wasn’t long after that that, Kelty packs were used exclusively in an expedition for the first American ascent on the West Ridge of Mt. Everest. A couple years after that, Kelty was used again by National Geographic for an expedition in Antarctica! In 1975 they were used for the American ascent of K2.

Over the years Kelty has started offering a wider range of family and camping products like Kelty sleeping bags, kids sleeping bags, clothing, luggage, and child carriers. They’ve also revamped products. In 1974, they introduced their first internal frame backpack.

Today, Kelty continues adding to and improving upon the camping gear they offer. Most recently, in 2013, they introduced the first inflatable tent, the AirPitch™ along with DriDown™, their natural, hydrophobic down that isn’t scared of a little moisture.

Everything Summer Camp is more than happy to be doing business with a company that loves to evolve as much as we do. Thank you, Kelty.

Until next time. Thanks for reading, Campers!


- John

Kelty’s Revolutionary DriDown Sleeping Bag

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Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

As you start thinking about summer camp preparations, you’re going to need a good sleeping bag for those chilly summer nights—nights you spend underneath the stars. Make sure you’re equipped with the appropriate camping supplies.

For today’s blog post, I’ll be discussing the key differences between Kelty’s revolutionary DriDown Sleeping Bags as opposed to other Kelty sleeping bags that are insulated with regular down. I’ll start by going into what DriDown is and why it is vastly superior to an untreated, regular down or synthetic down.


Sleeping bags that are insulated with plain down or—worse—synthetic down are certain to lose the light loft that they once had when you first got ‘em. As moisture slowly seeps inside, it adds up, and over the years, your sleeping bag becomes more or less ineffective at keeping the warmth inside where it belongs.

The worst part about it: there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Exclusive to Kelty Sleeping Bags, like the IGNITE DriDown 20°, DriDown consists of a natural down insulation which gets treated with a polymer that works on a molecular level. This gives each and every separate plume of each and every downy feather a hydrophobic finish which prevents the down from absorbing moisture.

It’s not invincible to the affects of water—it’s not waterproof—but this down will stand up to water 10 times longer than untreated down. That should give DriDown a good ten more years than any other insulation can endure. It also retains 63% more loft after it’s been exposed to humidity and moisture.

As advertised, DriDown keeps warmer, stays drier, and dries faster—33% faster, in fact! The Kelty Ignite DriDown Sleeping Bag lets internal moisture out and keeps the warmth in. It’s good enough for temperatures that hit dew points.

It’s even environmentally friendly as opposed to sleeping bags made with a synthetic insulation that contains petroleum. DriDown is made with natural down—a renewable natural resource.

Until next time, Readers! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

Crazy Good Camp Chairs!

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Hey, Camp Buddies!

Today’s blog post shines the spotlight on another company whose excellent product we offer. Previously, we took a look at Woolrich, discussing the products they make, their early beginnings, and the company’s longevity.

This blog post features everyone’s favorite camp chair place: Crazy Creek which has been bringing comfort to the outdoors since 1987. A very good year as it was the same one that delivered the birth of Everything Summer Camp!

It all started on a dark and stormy night in Colorado when Rob Hart and his Outward Bound campers found themselves wet, glum, and sitting on fallen logs and tree stumps. Camping is hard enough with weather that agrees, but without that weather, camping wasn’t very comfortable.

Rob knew it didn’t have to be that way, but how? He knew he wanted something better to sit on, but what? You can’t expect to go camping carrying a lawn chair on your back!

But it wasn’t long until the idea came to him, based on an old wooden canoe chair that Rob’s grandfather used to use on camping trips. Rob went straight to work creating many different designs and prototypes until he had come up with a warm, dry, and cushioned seat.crazy-creek-chair-tiedye

This was something he could relax in after a long, hard day of roughin’ it!

After quickly hiring his friend, John Elsberry as his business manager, Crazy Creek saw great success from their product. It became famous the world over. Finally!—a lightweight, portable, camping chair.

John went on to leave Crazy Creek after seeing it to such success and started a business of his own, Business Support Services. Crazy Creek then thrived for nearly a decade.

Sadly, nine years after John left the company, Rob Hart died in a tragic skiing accident. Fortunately for Rob’s family, the strong business he had created continues to support them with the help of Rob’s good friend and old business manager, John.

John and his wife, made arrangements to buy the company and with the help of everyone else at Crazy Creek, they keep up the excellent quality and service that the company started 26 years ago.

Everything Summer Camp is proud to offer these comfy camp chairs that have started such a craze! Thank you, Crazy Creek! And, as always, thanks to you for reading!


- John