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Everybody and their mothers too!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

There’s nobody else in the whole world who lugged you around for nine months before you really entered into the world and that bond is unbreakable! What better day than today to show your mom how much you appreciate that bond?Happy Mother's Day to all of them out there today!Just the same as you and everybody else, we all love our mothers here at Everything Summer Camp. So, I went around the office asking folks what fun plans they had in store for their mothers today.Happy Mother's Day, Scrabble Lovers!

Graphic Artist, Gunnar
Gunnar and his older brother are planning a fun game night for their Mother’s Day celebration tonight. Her favorite games, Scrabble and Cribbage, are on the docket for this evening. My advice to Gunnar and his brother: let Mom win tonight!

Lead Buyer, Tim
Tim’s Mother’s Day plans break away from the traditional celebrations. He’s not taking his mom out for a nice dining experience or geClassical Mother's Day Music!tting together for a game night. Instead, he’ll be accompanying his mother for the recital she has that night for the guitar lessons she’s taking. But Tim isn’t just going to listen—he’s going up with her to play bass guitar while she picks her classical guitar and sings The Beatle’s ‘Come Together’. Break a l                                                                                          leg, you two!

Print Shop Supervisor, MellinaA great place to hang out for special occasions.
Mellina, a dedicated mother herself, will be spending this beautiful day in the Family Farms Market in Eleva, WI where her mother, her grandmother, and the rest of her family are rendezvousing for a wonderful atmosphere and gourmet lunch. Three generations of mothers is a wonderful way to celebrate the day! Happy Mother’s Day to all three of you!

A Happy Mother’s Day to Tim and Gunnar’s mothers as well—not to mention mine, if she’s reading this Blog post!—and Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere. Thank you all for the graceful selflessness and undying love and support you bring into the world! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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