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NEW – Hex Trunk

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Hey, Camp Fans!

This is the first blog post in which we’ll be showcasing one of the new products we now carry. Blog posts such as this one will not only update you on the new products we’re carrying but will also make your summer camp shopping easier.

The new product we’ll be talking about today is the NEW Hex Trunk. How do you arrive at summer camp sporting the coolest style and newest gear? Bring this trunk.

The Hex Trunk bears a brilliant motif created by our own graphic designer, Meghan. Shades of purple and green decorate this footlocker in clusters and strands of hexagons. It’s methodical, logical, yet cool. We take Meghan’s design and camp-footlocker-hex-trunkhave it specially printed on all ten trunk panels.

It’s one sharp sight to see!

The same size as the popular Happy Camper, the NEW Hex Trunk is as spacious as it is solid! Built to last with C&N quality, it’s lined inside with water-resistant, odorless, and virtually tear-proof liner. The Hex Trunk is magical!

We remain modest people here at Everything Summer Camp. But credit is deserved where credit is due and our camp trunks are simply the best you can find.

Now for a brief history of our business to fully understand what C&N quality means:

Before Everything Summer Camp sold everything you might need at summer camp, it only sold its trademark camp trunks and the accessories directly applied to the trunks. The company wasn’t called Everything Summer Camp back then; it was called C&N Footlockers, named after the owners Craig and Nancy.

Now that we’ve become so much more than just footlockers, we’ve changed our name to something that’s more inclusive and more indicative of what we sell. But since we construct every trunk that we sell right here in our own facility, we still brand each trunk with the C&N Footlockers emblem.

For the last 26 years our footlocker trunks have continued to outdo the competition in terms of both quality of construction and in style. That’s what we mean when we say our footlockers are built to last with durable and dependable C&N quality. That’s why our footlockers are the best.

Set the trends and go with the cool, NEW Hex Trunk for camp this summer!


- John

This Golden Globe Winner went to Summer Camp

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Hey, Summer Campers!

The other day on the introduction to this blog, I went over all the different topics we’ll be discussing in our posts. Remember?

Well, today I’m posting one of our summer camp celebrity posts where you’ll read all about which summer camps your favorite celebrities attended.

Considering that in America alone, over 10 million kids are going to summer camp every year, it’s not really that surprising to find out who in Hollywood—and how many of them—went to summer camp when they were younger.

Today we’re talking about the all-star actress, Anne Hathaway who attended Camp Johnsonburg in northwestern New Jersey. Back in her summer camp days, she always thought she would become a nun when she grew up, but as we all know, her future would take her down a very different path.

Though she’d already acted in a few stage roles and appeared in the television series Get Real, Anne hit stardom by age 18 when she brought  Mia Thermopolis to life on the big screen in the Disney film The Princess Diaries in 2001. She then played the same character in the movie’s sequel in 2004.Anne Hathaway

She’s also famous for the roles she played in lots of other movies such as Hoodwinked, The Devil Wears Prada (in which she got to work alongside her idol, Meryl Streep), and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland which she did in 2010.

Two years later, she played Selina Kyle in the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises; and in the same year won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress as Fantine in Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables.

Comparable and reminiscent of such classic actresses as Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland, Anne Hathaway seems a natural celebrity superstar despite her initial aspirations.

I guess her story just goes to show that you really never can tell. And who knows? Maybe you’ll end up on the big screen and eventually be noted in an Everything Summer Camp blog post about celebrities who attended summer camps when they were little! Until next time, camp fans. As always, thanks for reading!


- John

Will My Child Be Safe At Camp?

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Hey, Camp Fans!

An important piece on how to ensure the safety of your child throughout their stay atDr. Chris Thurber sleepaway camp, Dr. Chris Thurber—child psychologist, co-author of ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, and a former summer camper himself—divulges three critical questions that you can ask a camp director to signal how well you can trust the staff members of that camp. In order to highlight the indispensable material of this Blog post, we’ve removed it from our Blog site to include it now in our Camp 101 feature on our main site. To read this excellent Blog post click here.


Look into grabbing 'The Summer Camp Handbook' for yourself right here!

Our First Blog Post

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Hey there, captivated Summer Camp Enthusiasts!

Welcome to the very first Everything Summer Camp blog post. It’s great to see that you’ve made your way to our blog page and that you’re reading these words right now. It’s something new we’re starting up at Everything Summer Camp as we love talking to our customers as much as we can.

We’ll kick things off with an introduction, discussing the topics that will be covered on this blog. First and foremost, this blog is here to talk about camp—that’s the easy answer. It’s also our earnest desire to see fans and followers of this blog truly get to know us better here at Everything Summer Camp!

You’ll certainly get to know the people who work here when you read our Employee Spotlight posts. Everybody here plays a role in getting your camp gear to you, so it’ll be fun for you to know that it was Shirley who helped put together your camp trunk; and you may have even talked to Jessica on the phone when you ordered it.

We’ll also shine the spotlight on summer camps all around the country—maybe even the one you’re going to this summer! Those posts will cover what certain camps have in store for the coming summer season.Everything Summer Camp Logo

Our summer camp celebrity posts are sure to tell you something you didn’t know about your favorite big name—like where they went to summer camp when they were younger. Find out what Zooey Deshchanel was like when she was a kid or if James Franco’s camp experience has anything to do with the way he turned out.

Some posts will simply give the intriguing tales of other companies with whom we do business—how their businesses got started and the success they’ve seen in supplying their particular products. Get the inside scoop on crazy stories from Columbia, 3 Cheers for Girls, and Crazy Creek!

We’ll blog about all the exciting new products that we now carry so you can read up on the many conveniences and benefits of our summer camp gear and products.

Then, last but not least, we’ll go over tips and advice for your summer camp trips to make sure that your camp experience meets its full potential of fun!

Alright, campers, that’s all for today.  Talk to you again soon!


- John