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This One's for the Moms!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Over the course of my eight years writing the Everything Summer Camp Blog, I’ve written a number of posts about honoring and celebrating Mother’s Day…probably eight! There are a handful of ways to approach Mother’s Day: consider all the things your mom does for you, think about what you can do for her, think about what you definitely shouldn’t do for her. Let’s review some of those valuable pointers from Mother’s Days past.

Why Mom Matters
Why does Mom matter?! Well, for starters, Moms lives are full of upkeep. They’re constantly cooking meals, doing laundry, running errands, changing poopy diapers, reading bedtime stories, etc. And they do it EVERY DAY! Second, her unconditional love for her kids gives them security and peace of mind. No matter what they do, Mom’s going to be there for them. And third, Moms have a way of setting the level of peace and happiness in the home! Help make your mom happy. You’ll be happy you did!

What to Do for Mother’s Day
It’s always customary to think of something to give to your mom for Mother’s Day. A thoughtful gift like a necklace or a sweet service like breakfast in bed are some of the more stereotypical ideas. Here are some more realistic ideas: 1) Design your own maze, word search, word jumbles or other fun paper and pen games. 2) Make your own card and/or Mother Coupon for chores to be done or doing something she likes for her. 3) Draw a picture for her or write her a poem…maybe make her some kind of craft.

What NOT to Do for Mother’s Day
In the end, the least you can do for Mother’s Day is help keep the peace in the household. That means no bickering with brothers and sisters if you’re prone to fighting. Consider messiness before you make any—don’t track mud through the house or leave things untidy after use. And don’t insult your mother’s cooking. She worked hard to make a nutritious meal for you and… Wait a minute!!! It’s Mother’s Day, don’t leave dinner up to her.

All in all, enjoy spending time with your mother today and show her the gratitude, happiness, and love that she deserves each and every day! Make sure she knows that too. And, as always, Campers—thanks for reading. Happy Mother’s Day!


- John

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