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May Your Christmas Be Merry

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Hey, Merrymakers!

Christmas has been around for a long time and it’s come to mean a lot to a lot of people. For so many of us, we’ll spend Christmas with our families exchanging gifts with one another and enjoying a delicious holiday feast. That’s what I usually do with my family every year for Christmas.

This year, however, my family has already gotten together to have our Christmas Merry christmascelebration. Our gift-giving and ritual feasting has come and gone for the year. But just because we’ve already had our Christmas celebration doesn’t mean I’m done making merry this year!

Many families celebrate Christmas earlier than December 25. So if the holiday has already been celebrated, then what’s left for Christmas Day? People have their own traditions for a simpler Christmas Day that still makes the day special (or especially relaxing)!

Lots of people who have already celebrated Christmas with their family use Christmas as a day where it’s okay to stay in your bathrobe until after noon, take a nap in the middle of the day, and snack on treats and drink hot chocolate during waking hours. In other words, Christmas Day becomes a much needed break from this typically hectic season!

Others enjoy venturing out into the quiet town around them, going to see what’s playing in the theaters. A trip to the cinema on Christmas Day has become a rather popular tradition for those seeking out a quieter Christmas than the usual family celebration.

Sledding is another popular activity for a little fun on Christmas Day. What better way to celebrate a white Christmas than to catch a thrill as you slide down a snow-covered hill? Find yourself a good hill and good group of friends for your sledding experience.

No matter how you end up celebrating Christmas Day, make sure you have a happy holiday that’s special to you. From everyone at Everything Summer Camp, Merry Christmas! Thanks for reading, Camp Families!


- John
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