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Keep the Camp Chronicles Coming and Share Your Summer Adventures!

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Hey there, Storytellers!

Summer is in full swing, and we don't want you to miss out on sharing your incredible camp story with our camp community! It's time to unleash your creativity and join our 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest, right here at Everything Summer Camp for a chance to win as much as $500! But even if you don’t get a seat in the winner’s circle, you’ll still be part of our storied tradition and win our $20 participatory prize!

We've been collecting all your thrilling camp tales for all of August and there are only two weeks left until this Contest closes at midnight on August 31st. Grab your pen and paper or get your camera rolling and start immortalizing your memories. Remember, every camper who submits gets a $20 gift certificate for our online store. But that's not all! Ten lucky winners will be randomly selected for some bigger prizes! And this year we've increased the prizes!

Once we've gathered all your captivating submissions, the winners will be revealed one story at a time. Will you be our grand prize winner, walking away with a jaw-dropping $500 Everything Summer Camp Gift Card? Maybe you'll snag one of the two second-place prizes for $200. Or maybe you’ll be one of the other two winners for our third-place price of $100. And, after that, we still have five more winners who’ll each receive a sweet $50 Gift Card!

Telling stories is more than just fun—it's a powerful way for campers to relive their incredible adventures and reflect on all the skills they've gained. It's like hitting the replay button on the best moments of your life! Need a little inspiration? Check out the Contest announcement I wrote last month for some storytelling prompts.

Parents, we'd love to hear from you too! Share your unique perspective on your camper's experience or regale us with your own camp memories. All submissions should include your first name, last name initial, the camp you or your child visited, and how many summers you or your camper have visited camp.

Click right here to submit your tale of adventure, friendship, and s'mores! Thanks for being part of our amazing camp community! Unleash your inner wordsmith and keep those campfire stories burning bright!


- John


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