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Zac 'Southern Ground' Brown

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Hey, Music Lovers!

If you like country music as much as you like your chicken fried, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of the Zac Brown Band. You know we’re fans here at Everything Summer Camp; we already published a Blog post about him five years ago. We covered a good amount of ground in the previous post. For instance, he was a cabin leader at Camp Mikell in his home state of Georgia as well as Camp Glisson

But that only scratches the surface. Learn some more about Mr. Zac Brown—

A Southern Ground Wunderkind

A wunderkind is a German word that refers to somebody who is very successful at a rather young age. Zac’s musical career started at just seven years old when he started learning to play the classical guitar. When he was just 19, he started touring, playing classic covers and original music—his dog and a drummer were his only company. By 25, Zac made his own recording label, Southern Ground.

Home Cooked to Home Grown

Along with his father, Zac opened up a restaurant called ‘Zac’s Place’ in 2004. Located in his home state of Georgia, Zac’s Place featured southern-style food. The father/son team eventually sold their restaurant which enabled Zac to fund his tour—he bought a tour bus and began touring full-time with the entirety of the Zac Brown Band under their new label Southern Ground (which was initially named Home Grown).  

Brown Band to Brown Family

Zac’s got five children! His kids’ names are Georgia, Alexander, Frost, Joni, and Lucy—a nice-sized family (not quite the dozen sons and daughters like the family to which he was born, but still…pretty big)! Zac himself was his parents’ penultimate or second-to-last child.

Are you a fan of Zac Brown Band? Go ahead and enjoy some of their music today and enjoy your chicken fried! And, as always, thanks for reading, Folks!


- John



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