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Where There Is Sun-There Are Harmful UV Rays

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Hey, School Kids!

You know, we spend so much time on this blog talking about the importance of wearing the proper sunblock in the summertime when it’s obvious how necessary sunscreen is. But just because autumn is arriving and the sun no longer makes you break out in an immediate sweat upon stepping outside, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t protect yourself against it.

It may not have the tell-tale signs that the summer sun has—scorching temperatures and perspiration—but make no mistake about it, the autumn sun is just as powerful and just as harmful.

Unfortunately for us, as nice and inviting as the sunshine looks, it’s actually chock full of harmful UV rays that are important for people to avoid. Lack of protection against UV rays in sunshine is actually the leading cause of cancer in its most popular form—skin cancer.

Luckily, people have found that protecting yourself against these harmful rays in the sunshine is easy enough and we came up with sunscreen. Typically found in lotion form, sunscreen is easy to apply and keeps your skin safe from the damages that the sun could otherwise do to it.Tru Kid Sunscreen Stick

Everything Summer Camp is proud to offer a couple other forms of sunscreen to make an even easier application for further convenience. The lotion is simple enough, but can sometimes become a chore (and slightly messy if you accidentally use too much) to use before going out in the sun.

You can find SPF 30+ Sunscreen Spray from Lil Gator as well as SunX SPF 30 sunscreen wipes at Everything Summer Camp. The spray has an easy to use pump and dries quickly without leaving a heavy oil residue. We offer this gentle, PABA and oil free formula in a 3.5 oz. bottle. You can also get individually wrapped wipes that are easy to use on the go. We offer wipes in packs of 10 or 20.

Remember to stay safe and burn-free this fall!


- John
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