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Where did Bruce Beck do Camp?

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Hey, Summer Campers!

So many of the famous celebrities we post about who were former campers like yourself get their fame in pop music or movies. But other summer camp alumni develop their name by means of entrepreneurship, sports, and broadcasting. Combine sports, broadcasting, and a history at summer camp and you have WNBC’s lead sports anchor Bruce Beck.Bruce Beck had a blast at summer camp!

As a young man, Bruce enjoyed his summer escapes to Tyler Hill Camp, squared away in  Wayne County, Pennsylvania. About three hours northwest of Bruce’s home in Livingtson, New Jersey, Tyler Hill Camp showed him a gorgeous campus of 220 acres that features two large lakes, excellent athletic facilities, a nine-hole golf course, and 12 tennis courts!

After graduating grade school and high school, Bruce went on to attend Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. His studies mainly focused on science there and in just several years, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science.

Soon after his graduation, Bruce found himself employed as a staff broadcaster for the Madison Square Garden Network, hosting the coverage for the Knicks, Rangers, and Yankees and performing as the play-by-play announcer for college football as well as basketball. A few years down the road, he’d start calling professional boxing matches too—particularly the Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson II matchup from June 28, 1997.

By the time he turned 38, he started hosting ‘Sportstalk’ and ‘Sports Images’, while calling college basketball games for CBS Sports as well as play-by-play announcing for select sporting events including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Highlights of Bruce’s career include five Superbowls, three NBA Finals, six Stanley Cup Finals, six World Series, The U.S. Open Tennis Championship, The U.S. Open Golf Championship, and The NCAA Final Four. He’s also covered seven Olympics—most recently the Rio games from last year.

Bruce shot high and never looked back. Look at the heights he hit. What heights will you reach? You can check out Tyler Hill Camp for yourself if it sounds like a good fit for your family. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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