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What Diane Would Do

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Hey, Adventurers!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we really like to talk up our customer service because it’s truly something to write home about! One of the major factors of our incredible customer service is our Call Center Supervisor, Diane. She takes your calls and chats online as well as everyday office tasks like returns and the occasional ‘problem order’. She’s wonderful at helping customers along no matter what part of the process they’re at with their order.

You can always count on Diane for a friendly smile and a quick laugh to keep things light around the office. With a friendly attitude and an open ear, she’s always good to talk with (which is so clearly why she is now our Call Center Supervisor—we want all of you to get to talk to her as well)! Always striving to be a positive influence, Diane is also the founder of our Commit to be Fit Program around the workplace which encourages healthy living.

If given the opportunity to go to summer camp now in her adulthood, Diane said she would be most eager to go horseback riding.  

Ride Horse of Course
If you know Diane, you could have guessed that horseback riding would be at the top of her to-do list at a summer camp. Diane loves the freedom she feels on horseback and she loves being outdoors as well. She talked about it back in a post I wrote that featured her trip to Roatán which can be read when you click here.

Dolly and Diane
It’s no surprise that Diane is so in love with horses. She doesn’t get the opportunity all that often these days, but back when she was growing up on her family farm where she had her own horse, Dolly. She’d even ride Dolly bareback from time to time—no saddle.

Born in the Saddle
Life for kids growing up on a farm is a very different kind from those who grow up in the city. Diane mentioned that she wasn’t sure of her age the first time she was on a horse. “Six months old, probably,” she told me. Turns out she wasn’t sure because she had essentially always rode horseback.  

It’s cool to see Diane’s eyes light up as she talks about riding horses—especially her old pal, Dolly—and great that her love of horses, instilled at birth, has stayed with her all her life. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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