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Hey, Physically Fit Folks!

Today is Fitness Day—a good day to consider all the good things you do for your body and maybe a reminder to do more for yourself if you’d like to see more improvements. Getting into shape can sometimes seem like a daunting endeavor to embark upon, but you may be amazed at how quickly your body will turn itself around in gratitude of you doing what’s good for it.

We’re no strangers to pushing ourselves for further fitness here at Everything Summer Camp. That’s why we’ve started our company-wide ‘Commit to be Fit!’ program in which we track our healthy habits of every day: did we stay away from sweets, did we get enough sleep each night, did we get out each day for some exercise, and a good number of other factors.

All of the healthy deeds we chart throughout the days are assigned to a point system that gets added up and when we hit certain mile markers, we get have prizes like ‘Commit to be Fit!’ team spirit apparel and a water bottle. The shirt and hoodie advertise that we’re a part of something that we’re proud of while the water bottle goes to help one of the most important parts of being fit—hydration!

Just the same as a kid getting the most out of the summer camp experience, we know our Everything Summer Camp family operates much smoother when we’re all healthy and happy, so the ‘Commit to be Fit!’ program seemed like a the best way to boost morale and give every day our best!

We’ve had excellent Blog posts in the past about fitness and summer camp. Check out the first Blog of a whole fitness series when you click right here. Have fun getting fit and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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