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Tree Time

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Hey, Forest Fans!

You’re certainly not alone if you think trees are the bees’ knees! Today is Arbor Day—a day designated to encourage groups of people and individuals to plant trees. While typically observed in the springtime, the date of Arbor Day can vary depending on climate and suitable planting season of different geographical locations all across the world.

There are many countries that participate in observation of this holiday. Recognized by nearly 50 countries all over the world, Arbor Day has a wonderful following of tree-lovers! Arbor Day is a great reason to educate yourself on the importance of trees and plant a tree yourself.

Dating back to 1872 on a spring day—April 10—the first American Arbor Day was put forth by one Nebraskan of Nebraska City named J. Sterling Morton. That first Arbor Day saw about one million trees planted in Nebraska!

Arbor Day was off to a good start here in the states, but it was more than another 10 years before it started to catch on with the rest of the world. It was a man from Connecticut, named Birdsey Northrop who traveled to Japan to spread a message of Arbor Day and Village Improvement. This sparked a domino effect of other countries interested in Arbor Day observation and brought great enthusiasm to the idea of a worldwide celebration.  

In the same year that Northrop made his trip to Japan, the man was made Chairman of the Committee to Campaign for Arbor Day Nationwide by the power of the American Forestry Association. Northrop ended up bringing his enthusiastic message of Arbor Day to other countries like Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Check out this Blog post from earlier this month to read about the benefits supplied to us by trees and plant life in general. Look into your own research and root yourself in tree education! Maybe you’re even able to take part in planting a tree today! However you spend it, I wish you a Happy Arbor Day. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John



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