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Nothing a Plant Can't Do

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Hey, Plant People!

Do you have an affinity for the botanical world of trees, flowers, vegetables, and everything in between? If so, then today is right up your garden alley. Today is Plant Appreciation Day—a day designated to celebrate and enjoy all the plant life around us! The plant life kingdom helps us out every day in ways that we rarely consider. Let’s take today to consider just some of those things that plants do for us every day!

All I Need is the Air that I Breathe
Plants breathe just like we do with one major exception—they don’t inhale oxygen, they inhale carbon dioxide. And they exhale oxygen! How nice for us (and them) that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. My sister shares her birthday with Plant Appreciation Day and, appropriately, she cares for nearly a hundred houseplants. They clean the air and boost her spirits! So much greenery tends to brighten attitude! And Happy Birthday, Kim!

Mouth-Watering Menu
So, they supply us with the air we need to breathe! That’s pretty significant. What else? How about some amazing nutritional foods that grow right out of the earth?! A staggering variety of vegetables and fruit grow from plants in all different kinds of places! Also, the animals that we eat are sustained by the wild-growing vegetation; so even if fruits and veggies aren’t your favorite, they still play a huge role in your diet!

Wood You Do Me a Favor?
As I already mentioned briefly, plants boost our spirits and brighten our attitudes. Giving us clean air is helpful for sure, but trees go above and beyond. Producing negative ions (which is essentially the energy of the earth), provides countless benefits for us like improving our mood, reducing pain, and boosting our energy. While plant life in general puts out negative ions, a walk in the woods is where you’re likely to get a noticeable dose!

Today is a perfect opportunity to get closer to the plant world. Take a woodsy hike. Buy some houseplants. Plant some seeds. Propagate a plant and give it to a friend! Give up thanks for all that plants do for us today and, as always thanks to YOU for reading!


- John

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