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#Trashtag Project

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Hey, Earth Lovers.

Today is Earth Day. A day designated to reminding everyone to appreciate the Earth we all walk on and to do your part in pitching in and keeping it the beautiful land it’s meant to be. This holiday got its start in 1970 when one US Senator for Wisconsin, Senator Nelson initiated our own National Earth Day. But, really, every day should be Earth Day, as we ought to appreciate our living home and treat it with respect at all times—not just one day a year.

The environment is worth it! Last week was Plant Appreciation Day which was featured here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog. We covered a few different ways in which plants are absolutely essential to our existence and well-being. From the air we breathe to medicinal food and even positive moods, plants do so much for us every day; it’s only right that we return the favor!

Simply picking up litter may seem like help on such a small scale that it’s not worthwhile, but that is definitely misguided thinking. A clean room influences further organization and tidy routines (just the same way that an unclean room only encourages further recklessness). A clean Earth works the same way.

The folks from UCO Gear can tell you all about it. Their very own Steven Reinhold is responsible for the #Trashtag Project that puts a fun spin on a noble deed of picking up random litter (especially in natural spaces like state parks and local trails).

Steven Reinhold, a UCO Gear ambassador was so haunted by an accidental littering moment that he was compelled to clean up heavily littered spots throughout his travels to make up for his one mishap. It was recording his deed by snapping pictures that inspired him and spawned the #Trashtag project.

“Instead of taking self-fulfilling summit selfies,” says Steven Reinhold of UCO Gear, “We should be ‘Trash Tagging’ ourselves in pictures where we are cleaning up our wild places!” What a fun way to do good! Do some cleanup in a local spot that sees more litter than it should. It’ll make you feel productive and the site will look a million times better! And don’t forget to take before and after pictures. Happy Earth Day, Everybody.


- John

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