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Check Out The Winning Costumes From Our Contest

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Hey, Costumed Creatures!

It’s fun to dress up like something you’re not, isn’t it? Especially when you go around showing your costume off to your neighbors around the block in exchange for some tasty treats! I hope you all scored big while Trick or Treating and gave all your neighbors something to scream about (I know I had a few good scares when I opened my door on Halloween night!)

It wasn’t just Trick or Treaters in my own neighborhood that I saw either. There were lots of great, creative costumes for the Everything Summer Camp SPOOKtacular Halloween Costume Contest as well! It was a great fright—er sight to see so many crafty costumes that you guys dressed in for Halloween!

1st place winner

Submitted by: Alice C.

Everything Summer Camp’s SPOOKtacular Halloween Costume Contest yielded two 1st Place Winners who will each receive a $100 Everything Summer Camp Gift Card as well as two 2nd Place Winners who will each receive a $50 Everything Summer Camp Gift Card. Our winners were randomly chosen.

Our first, first place winner dressed up as the valiant elf, Link from the popular video game–Zelda. She’s ready for battle holding Link’s shield for her protection and his sword as her weapon.

1st place winner

Submitted by: Claire B.

Our other 1st Place Winner, on the other hand, traveled not nearly so far back in time to a decade called the 60’s. In her Hippie costume, she looks like she would fit right in at Woodstock.


2nd place winner

Submitted by: Caroline E.


As for our 2nd Place Winners, first we have a favorite witch, Hermione. Watch what you say while she’s dressed in Hermione’s black robes, scarf, and crooked wand. She may turn you into something unnatural.

2nd place winner

Submitted by: Addison K.

And lastly, we have Mr. Jack Sparrow! A convincing Jack Sparrow at that! This costume has the hat, the hair, the eye makeup—everything!

Nice costumes, Kids! And congratulations to all of our winners! Happy Halloween! Thanks for participating and thanks for reading!


- John

Celebrate Chocolate Cupcake Day

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Hey, Cupcake!

If you didn’t already know, I’m happy to be the one to tell you about one of the nation’s best holidays! No, I’m not talking about Christmas or Halloween—I’m not even talking about Easter or Valentine’s Day. No, the holiday I’m thinking of is Chocolate Cupcake Day. And it just so happens to be tomorrow!

Why CHOCOLATE Cupcake Day? Because chocolate is the very best flavor cupcake you can make! We here at Everything Summer Camp feel like one day to celebrate this chocolaty holiday really just isn’t enough. And that’s why we’ve been celebrating Chocolate Cupcake Day all week long.chocolate cupcake

We’ll be sampling each other’s cupcakes and sharing our tasty recipes with all of you. I can almost taste them now! What a great sensation it is sinking your teeth into that unapologetically moist bite of explosively chocolate intensity. Is it any wonder that we have a national holiday to celebrate this dessert?

While the debate exists about how this dessert got its name—because they were originally baked in cups or because the recipe is measured out in cups—the most curious part about the name is that the dessert wasn’t always called a cupcake.

No, they were first called number cakes since the measurement of the ingredients weren’t hard to remember. That was back some time in the 1800’s, when people first started making them. They’ve really come a long way since then—haven’t they?

Nowadays, you’ll find delicious cupcakes in bakeries, coffee shops, or even on TV when you turn on the FoodNetwork! Cupcakes aren’t just tasty, cup-sized cakes with frosting anymore. They’ve become a sweet tasting treat that you can top with your own creativity. Decorate them to fit the theme for a party or simply for your own delight!

So enjoy baking, frosting, and then decorating your own masterpieces like we are this week. And happy Chocolate Cupcake Day, Everybody! Thanks for reading!


- John

Sharing Our Fall Season With You

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Hello, Fall Friends!

Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the Fall season (or Autumn if you prefer it’s more formal name) as the climate varies rather dramatically across our lovely country. Everything Summer Camp, the home of C&N Footlockers and all other camping gear, is located in Boyd, WI where the Fall season is very beautiful. As it happens every year, we grow accustomed to it, but never forget what a beautiful part of the cycle this season is! 


We’re starting to see the first signs of fall!

Most people who live in northern Wisconsin revere the Fall season as their favorite of the four. It’s mine. The temperature’s typically in the Goldilock’s Zone of being just right and the trees start putting on their own fireworks shows! Fall means raking enormous leaf piles and jumping into them.

As the temperature continues to drop, the leaves on the trees are no longer getting the sunlight they need to perform processes essential to their life such as photosynthesis. Through this process, they obtain that lively green color. But when they stop getting the amount of sunlight they need, they lose their rich, green hue and fade into beautiful, vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown.

Unfortunately, these amazing colors indicate that the leaves are dying, as Mother Nature continues to show us the two sides of itself and the beauty that comes from them. They fall off the trees (which is where the Autumn season gets its alternative name) and carpet the ground.

Along with today’s Everything Summer Camp Blog post, we’ll be sharing your pictures and our own of the beautiful, changing environment that surrounds us here in northern Wisconsin. We hope they fill you with as much awe and inspiration as they do us. We truly do live in a beautiful world.

That’s all for today, Readers. Till next time.


- John

All You Need Now Is….S’MORE

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Hey, Kids!

I’m sure you all have your own favorite desserts. After all, there’s a lot of them to consider: cake, pie, pudding, ice cream, brownies, cookies…The list goes on. But there’s only one dessert to have when you’re sitting around a summer camp campfire and I’m sure you all know what it is!

That’s right, S’mores. It’s America’s traditional treat! A sandwich of roasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between two Graham Crackers. Short for “Some more,” this delicious dessert got its name because of what it makes you say after you eat it: “Mmm! I want s’more?”

A man named Alec Barnum is said to be the one who invented the s’more, though the dessert’s true history is somewhat of a mystery as its recipe appears in a book that was written by the Girl Scouts in 1927 called Trampling and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.

In my opinion, it probably happened a little something like this:

Alec, an amateur explorer, one day got lost in the woods with nothing on his person but a bag of marshmallows, some Graham Crackers, and a Hershey’s Bar. Desperate for warmth, he made a fire and—using what he had with him—made his dinner.

Once he stumbled upon this delicious dessert sandwich he couldn’t help but to eat “some more” and he fell asleep before finishing the last one he made. The next morning Alec was discovered by Girl Scouts while they were out hiking. They also discovered Alec’s newly invented dessert!

You can make your own variations to s’mores recipes. Some people add peanut butter, others add fruit; as long as you have the initial three flavors, you have a s’more. In fact, all the desserts I listed at the beginning of this post can be made s’more flavored—s’more cake, s’more pie, s’more pudding, s’more brownies, s’more ice cream, s’more cookies (I’m starting to feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump). You got s’more dip, s’more bars, s’more donuts, s’more rolls…that’s—that’s about it.

Since it is National S’mores Day, we’ve cooked up some of our own S’mores & had a little contest to see who in the office could make the best S’more! Check them out here:




- John

Along With Fall Comes FOOTBALL

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Hey, Sports Fans!

Unfortunately, summer camp, as well as summer always has to come to an end. But as disappointing as that can be, look at the bright side—the end of summer marks the beginning of football season! When I was a kid I loved the weekly football parties we had at my house. There was excellent food with endless snacks, funny comments, and of course—football!

 It used to be a lot of work. We would call our guests to see what they were bringing so we could orchestrate some kind of theme. When I was a kid I also thought that my house was the only one that threw such fun football parties like that.

Turns out it’s a pretty popular thing for football fans to do. And since it’s such a popular thing to do, conveniences have been made in technology so that football party planning isn’t quite so much work. Nowadays a party like that is easy to collaborate. Just go online and find Pinterest.

football party

Pinterest is a corkboard style Web site that lets you organize theme-based images. You can share photos, recipes, or anything else you might need to coordinate with your friends so your football parties are as fun as mine were when I was younger.

It’s a very easy, user-friendly Web site where you simply upload your images (as well as word documents or videos), save them, sort through them, and manage them. These images or other type of content that you upload becomes known as pins.

You then choose where you want to these pins to go. If it’s a recipe for a football party, then put it with the rest of your football party corkboard. If it’s instructions on how to juggle, pin it to your hobbies corkboard. It’s that easy to use!

We are taking a break from making footlockers (don’t worry we are still making them, just not quite as many this time of year) to jump on the Pinterest train here at Everything Summer Camp for this football season! Till next time, Blog Fans!


- John