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Hey, Scary Story Lovers!

You probably recall near the beginning of the month when I told you about how today is Tell a Story Day. Telling stories has been a treasured pastime ever since we developed the sufficient communication skills to perform such a feat. Just about everybody enjoys hearing a good story which is why there’s a whole day dedicated to the art of oral story telling.

Tell a Story Day is typically celebrated by libraries and grade schools. Every culture has their own traditions of oral storytelling for educational purposes as well as entertainment, cultural preservation, and for teaching morals.

And since telling stories around a campfire is such an essential part of summer camp, it seemed like it was only right that we here at Everything Summer Camp create a contest shaped after this national day.

camp fire storiesRequesting not just any kind of story, but for spooky summer camp stories that you’d likely share with everyone around a campfire. We asked for the kind that send shivers down spines and put goose bumps on skin. We asked that they were invented inside our contestants’ own warped imaginations, video recorded, and then uploaded to YouTube.

Today was the final day for submissions. Entries needed to be submitted and videos uploaded by 1:00p.m. CST. Unfortunately we not have much interest in this contest.  Maybe we were just asking for a little too much work in order to participate.  We only received two entries for the contest.  Since we planned to award two winners there really is no need to go through the process of voting.  Both of our contestants have been awarded with One-Hundred Dollar Gift Certificates for Everything Summer Camp.  You can check out their videos below:

The above video was submitted by Hayden W.


Now for the conclusion of the scary story that started tell you back on April 4th. To read the beginning of the story visit the old blog post here.  To finish the story read on:

The crisp crackling of the burning logs inside the brick fire pit filled the silence for a moment until Craig broke it saying, “Well, OKAY, then. If you insist…” He drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He closed his eyes, slowly opened them back up, and then he began.

“Did you guys know that Camp O-Phaz-Ma is one of the earliest summer camps to ever be founded? Its history dates back all the way to 1887.  You probably didn’t know that this camp’s first year of operation kicked things off with a pretty dark start.

Unfortunately, there was an accident that happened here that year. One of the campers shot an arrow from her bow without intending to let it go. The arrow went flying and hit another camper who was sitting on this very ledge of this very fire pit. He was sitting here, reading when the arrow got him directly in his heart and killed him instantaneously.”

“That’s where we read,” Angie said quietly to Sid, but mostly to herself.

“Apparently the blow of the arrow sent the boy’s body falling back into the fire pit where his blood stained the floor inside there,” Craig said pointing into the pit. “The boy’s blood permanently stained the floor of the pit.

Some say that on the nights that this pit gets used, the soul of that boy rises from the fire and walks the earth again in search of the girl that shot the arrow. They say he wants to forgive her. They call him Sid.”

“Hey,” Angie laughed. “Like you,” she said, craning her head to look at her friend Sid, but he was no longer there. He didn’t show up for the rest of the night either. In fact, she never saw Sid again.




- John

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