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Hey, Mountain Men and Women!

Conquering a mountain is no easy feat. Breathing gets harder at higher altitudes and each step is work to lift yourself that much higher. But the feeling of accomplishment paired with a view that can’t be beat urges folks onward and upward to do what many others might say is impossible. Celebrated all over the world but on differing dates, today is Mountain Climbing Day in the USA.

You’ll want to have conditioned your body to be the best climber you can be.

There are a few different ways you can start your training. There’s no better practice than actually climbing—that’s for sure—but even before practicing, there are great exercises you can do at the gym or maybe even right at home. Here’s how I broke it down:

Upper Body Strength
Climbing, of course, takes a world of Upper Body Strength to hoist yourself into higher and higher positions. Any kind of muscle-building exercises will work—push-ups, pull-ups (if you have a bar available), or weightlifting (if you have the proper weights) are great ways to build strength in your arms and shoulders. Even more intricate of an exercise are Hand Grips. These will help develop the muscles in your fingers to build dexterity for those difficult-to-hold-onto-rocks.

Lower Body Strength
Sometimes when climbing, you’ll need your legs to make impossible strides upward and to push the rest of your body to the next point of pausing. Jogging is always a great way to build up those leg muscles. You’ll also want to incorporate some of the exercises we recommended for horse riding like Front Squats and Forward Lunges. Exercises like these are sure to sculpt your leg muscles for the job.

Stretches alone are a great means of training your body to be able to make far reaches and gliding steps. Sitting with your legs outstretched and touching your toes is one great way to extend the span of your stretching. For those with a chin-up bar available, you can practice what is called a ‘Deadhang’ in which you hold yourself up by your fingers. If you have a Finger-Board, that would be most convenient.

Rock climbing is fun, but extremely strenuous work. Make sure you’re ready for it when you head off to your mountainous adventures. Happy Mountain Climbing Day and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

Wilderness Pics

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Hey, Fans of Nature Photography!

Today is Nature Photography Day. It’s a day to promote and practice the wonderful art form of nature photography. A true master of the craft, Ansel Adams is one of the most well-known names in the field of photography. I covered him recently as one of photography’s great pioneers! Check out that Blog post by clicking right here.

It is so much fun to simply go traipsing through your local wilderness whether that be a forested path, a beautiful shoreline, flat prairie, rolling hills, or rocky desert and capture the visual glory of the natural world all around you to share with folks who didn’t have the experience or to help people see a common experience from your unique perspective.  

While the beauty of nature is never lost, it can shift quite drastically from one season to the next. Summer, of course, is when everything is at the peak of its liveliness and so Nature Photography Day has been set for June 15th, just a week or so before the official first day of summer!

Indeed, the summer air is always buzzing with an incredibly active energy. Life abounds! The vegetation is rich with a lively green. Creatures of all kinds are moving this way and that for one thing or another. Birds are chirping. Bugs are literally buzzing. It’s a party!  

Get out to immerse yourself in nature and see what you end up seeing! You might come across some deer or beavers if there’s water around. Everything of the wilderness is growing which means it’s ever-changing. What something looks like today may no longer look the same tomorrow. So capture its existence as it is in the moment you come across it.  

Learn about nature and enjoy capturing it on camera. Nature is all around us. You don’t need to be any kind of professional. Just take part with whatever equipment you have and whatever nature there is around you. Happy Nature Photography Day and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Let the Hunt Begin

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Hello all!

Welcome to the Everything Summer Camp Blog today where we have a special announcement of an exciting event being held right here and right now on the Everything Summer Camp website! Oh boy, are we thrilled about this one! Already in full swing from two days ago, Monday marked the beginning of The Great Scavenger Hunt at Everything Summer Camp!

We’re sending you all over our website, from one end to another and back again along with the occasional trip to Facebook and YouTube, in search of your next clue. Once you find these hidden clues, you need to put on your thinking cap to solve the puzzle or riddle and figure out where the next clue will be.

Some clues are puzzles—made up of images that you have to combine and link together. Those clues look something like this: Other clues are riddles. They’re just a quick sentence or two that gets you on the track for the next clue. They look more like this: You’ll notice that with each new clue you find, there’s another letter or number you’re given. There are 20 clues. Keep track of all the letters and numbers you find and, after you’ve reached the final clue, unscramble the letters and numbers to complete the scavenger hunt.

The Great Scavenger Hunt will keep going until Sunday May 9th. Everyone that completes the hunt by then will be entered into a random drawing for Gift Cards to Everything Summer Camp. We’ll draw four winners and each winner will receive a different amount Gift Card: $500 to First Place, $100 to Second, $50 to Third, and $25 for Fourth Place.

We hope you have as much fun on the Hunt as we did creating it! As always, thanks for reading. And, now embark upon your journey of The Great Scavenger Hunt at Everything Summer Camp by clicking right here! Your first clue awaits…


- John

Children's Book Day

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Hey, Booklovers!

Today is Children’s Book Day, made to honor all the youth books out there, written for kids and preteens. While summer camp is brimming with activities that are a blast and tons of fun games to play, there’s also the opportunity for downtime where you can just take in your surroundings and enjoy reading a good book.

Between our selection of the Choose Your Own Adventure Books and the very nearly complete series of the Camp Confidential books, we have some pretty awesome title available here at Everything Summer Camp that are perfect for campers to take along for their stay!

Choose Your Own Adventure
The only books where the reader decides how the story goes, the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series introduces us to strange worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. These interactive tales tell a story a number of times over so the story goes differently based on the choices the reader makes. Then, ‘reread’ the book and make other choices to see the plotline change and end up entirely different.

Choose Your Own Adventure books have been proven to aid kid’s growth through experiential learning. Click here to learn more.

Camp Confidential
You're bound to chew through the books in the Camp Confidential Series like bubblegum! These tales of summer camp are all written by Melissa J. Morgan. With a sizable selection of the books from her ongoing series, catch the all the drama, gossip, and fun times that go on at Camp Lakeview as well as Camp Walla Walla! Check out all the titles we offer by clicking here.

Mad Libs
They’re not exactly books, but they ARE awesome for kids. Short little stories with key words left out, Mad Libs aid kids in learning their parts-of-speech in a hilarious way. These stories request that you fill in the ________ to turn simple tales into hysterical riots. Mad Libs were created one fateful night back in 1953 and have been cracking us up ever since. Have a gander at our selection and click right here.

The Rest
Not to shortchange any of our other available books—if we carry them, it’s because we see the value in them. It’s just the others don’t quite qualify as Childrens Books (Mad Libs were already a bit of a stretch). But Activity Books are a great means of quality downtime whether you’re with anybody or by yourself.

We also offer The Summer Camp Handbook—a treasure trove of awesome advice in all departments of all things summer camp, brought to you by summer camp experts Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski. There’s also a great guide to survival skills available right here.

And don’t forget to put your pen to some paper yourself with our great Journals as well as our fun Stationery including camp-themed mailing items like Greeting Cards and Postcards.

Enjoy Children’s Book Day with a review of some of your favorites. Maybe you’re currently in the middle of one of these books you got from us right here at Everything Summer Camp. Hope you’re loving it! Happy Children’s Book Day, Readers. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


Ship of April Fools

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Hey, Fools!

…APRIL Fools, that is. And who hasn’t been fooled good at some point or another? We all know WE have at Everything Summer Camp—and I mean, literally, HERE at Everything Summer Camp. With a number of pranksters in the office and an even greater number of those seeking revenge, April Firsts around here seem to escalate every year. Allow me to walk you down a few blocks of memory lane…

For some people, pranks are just part of their personality. For them, it is a must-scratch itch—an unrelenting urge that courses through them like the blood through their veins.

Enter: Matthew Stephen DeMuth—Sales Manager and natural born-prankster.

Looking to cause some fuss one spring, Matt downloaded a Prank Dialer app for his phone. Using this app, Matt was able to make it appear as though people from his phone’s list of Contacts were calling one another. He had Sara call Mark and Mark call Ed, then Ed call Ryan and Ryan call…well, you get the picture.

This prank spanned quite a bit longer than just April First. Matt even went through the trouble of including himself in the prank dials to elude suspicion.

But, despite his efforts, being the desperate pranker that he is, people started to suspect Matt anyway which forced him to take it even further. Having wisely excluded Brian from any of the prank calls, Matt was in a position to frame the mild-mannered Operations Manager. Unfortunately for Matt, nobody bought it.

And, double-unfortunately for Matt, people hadn’t forgotten about his tricks one year later. Taking a note from the office pranks between Jim and Dwight in the hit show, ‘The Office’, Mark and Sara worked together to obtain Matt’s phone and toss it above the ceiling tiles. Then, as Jim did in the show, Mark and Sara proceeded to call Matt’s phone…frequently, which surely drove the much-deserving DeMuth quite crazy. 

In other years, Ed—the president of Everything Summer Camp—has dirtied his hands with the best of them in April Fools past. In fact, he’s become rather notorious around the office, actually, for his diabolical pranks and clever deceit. Several years before Matt pulled one over on everyone with his Prank Dialer app, Ed got everybody all at once as well.

Having installed fake security cameras in the break room, Ed created a cacophonous rise out of everybody at lunchtime when they saw the cameras and expressed their unfavorable opinions. The prank was pretty much forced to be revealed very quickly before a mob started.

Ed topped himself in a following year when he disclosed to everybody that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) released a new law concerning proximity safety. He then explained that OSHA deems our trunk factory to operate too close to the adjoining offices and all office employees must now wear mandatory safety goggles.
April Fools.

Check out some of the fun we've had on April Fools past when you click right here.