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The ESC Happy Camper Rewards Program

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Hey, Camp Shoppers!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we feel like shopping for your summer camp gear should be just as much fun as summer camp itself. Okay, summer camp’s pretty fun! Maybe not quite THAT much fun. But pretty fun, right?! We’re always trying to give our customers something to enjoy whether it be our cool contests, our personalizable products, or our sweet sales!

Along with our durable construction, awesome product selection, and outstanding customer service, we like to throw in perks to shopping with us where we can. We hold sales and have giveaways. But you have to wait on us in those instances. For something you can go do right now—sign up for our ‘Happy Camper Rewards Club’!

Sign Up
Here’s a perk to shopping our online store that’s always going on. No need to wait on us to greenlight anything or give you the go-ahead. The button for our ‘Happy Camper Rewards Club’ is located in the bottom left corner of our homepage. Click that button and sign up so you can start earning S’more Bucks! We’ll give you 300 S’more Bucks just for doing that!

S’more Bucks are our campy term for loyalty points. How much is one S’more Buck? The equivalent of one U.S. penny. Thus, a hundred S’more Bucks adds up to a dollar…a thousand S’more Bucks is ten dollars…etc.

Earn Bucks
There’s a handful of ways that you can earn S’more Bucks and they’re all so easy it only makes sense for you to start! The first way to earn S’more Bucks is to make a purchase at Everything Summer Camp. For each dollar you spend, you get five S’more Bucks! Here are all the ways to earn your Bucks:

  • Make a Purchase => 5 S’more Bucks for each Dollar Spent
  • Follow us on Twitter => 50 S’more Bucks
  • Like us on Facebook => 100 S’more Bucks
  • Follow us on Instagram => 100 S’more Bucks
  • Sign up to Receive Emails from us => 300 S’more Bucks
  • Tell us your Birthday => 500 S’more Bucks
  • Refer a Friend => 1000 S’more Bucks

It probably only takes about two minutes to sign up for a Rewards Account, tell us your birthday, and sign up for our emails. And for just that, you get $12.00 in S’more Bucks! It probably only takes five minutes to do everything listed above and just for that, you get $23.50 in S’more Bucks! We’re happy to give away the free money in exchange for our customers to engage and shop with us!

Reap Benefits
The easiest way to use your S’more Bucks is to redeem them whenever you go to checkout. With minimal effort, you’ll have your own, personal discount on your order. The other way to use you S’more Bucks is to give a voucher to a friend or family member (in case you’re in the giving spirit)! Vouchers work just like a gift card code—just enter it when you check out and your discount will be applied to the order!

So shop with us and have a blast while doing it! Enjoy watching your S’more Bucks accumulate. Enjoy spending your S’more Bucks. And enjoy making your S’more Bucks back! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

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