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Some Serious Swimmers

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Hey, Swim Fans! 

Few camp activities have amassed such popularity as that of Swimming. This sport is incredibly fun, loved by many, and epitomizes the summer season in a way no other activity can. Of course, many children enjoy a nice dip in a pool outside the camp season as well, but at camp they have the opportunity to compete and participate in water games and other activities that they typically won’t get to do. 

As I mentioned in a previous Blog post, plenty of campers learn to swim at summer camp, however, it can never hurt to encourage your child to at least learn some basics before camp begins. Their strength as a swimmer will advance more and more the sooner they start. Check out a few of the top swimmers in the world: 

Michael Phelps
Hard to get around, Michael Phelps has earned the title World Swimmer of the Year Award six times over as well as American Swimmer of the Year Award eight times. Throughout his career, he won 59 medals in major international competition, 50 gold, seven silver, and two bronze. 

Mark Spitz
Mark Andrew Spitz, also known as Mark The Shark, won seven gold medals in 1972 at the Munich Olympic Games—a record beaten only by Phelps. Over the course of five years, Spitz won nine Olympic golds, a silver, a bronze, five Pan American golds, 31 US Amateur Athletic Union titles, and eight US National Collegiate Athletic Association titles. He’s been named World Swimmer of the Year three different times and has set 33 world records! 

Krisztina Egerszegi
A former world record holding swimmer and one of the greatest Hungarian Olympic champions of the modern era, Krisztina Egerszegi is a three time Olympian as well as a five-time Olympic champion. She was also one of two individuals who ever won the same event at three consecutive Summer Olympics. 

Kristin Otto
Last, but not least, we have the German Olympic swimming champion Kristin Otto. She’s renowned as the first woman to win six gold medals in the 1988 Seoul Olympic games. At a 1983 international short course meet, she set the record as the first woman to swim the 100 meter backstroke in less than a minute. 

How good are you in the pool? Maybe you’ll go on to set a record or two yourself! Enjoy splashing around this summer season whether it’s a trip to the beach or fun right in your backyard! As always, thanks for reading and happy camping! 


- John


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