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Seth found humor at Camp Miriam

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Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

I started this Blog back in 2013 and, posting about celebrities who attended camp or have had a significant involvement in the summer camp community, I’ve covered almost 50 celebrities. Some celebrities boast more involvement with summer camps than others. Backtracking a bit, it seems a good idea to review some of the big names who have a stronger connection to summer camp than others.

A couple weeks ago, I posted a second post about Lisa Loeb—arguably the queen of summer camp celebs.

As previously stated a couple years ago on this Blog, funnyman Seth Rogen was also a fan of summer camp—especially when he was 13. In fact, if it wasn’t for summer camp and Seth’s stay at Camp Miriam, the world may have never heard of this now incredibly famous superstar. In fact, he honed his stand-up comedy skills at camp and even used his camp counselors is his routines at times. Everybody say, “Thanks, Camp Miriam!”

This funny guy has been funny from the start!Settled in the ubiquitous forests of Gabriola, Canada, Jewish camp, Camp Miriam features a fun atmosphere with a climbing wall, swimming pool, sport fields, a vegetable garden, and much more. What was so special about Camp Miriam for Seth? I think it’s safe to say it was the atmosphere of the community there.

Bringing the ‘funny’ to this fun setting, Seth quickly fell in love with his ability to make his peers laugh. At just 16, Rogen came in second place in the 1998 Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest. “As soon as I realized you could be funny as a job, that was the job I wanted,” Seth once said.

Pursuing a career in comedy—and nothing else—you might say Seth became rather successful, very quickly. A talented voice actor, you can hear Seth in such animated films as ‘Horton Hears a Who!’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’, and ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’. He’s even voiced for some episodes of ‘The Simpsons’!

Check him out in the video below for Camp Miriam and, as always, thanks reading!


- John



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