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Serve to Conserve

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Hey, Friends of the Environment!

When your room is clean, your mind is at peace. And, in similar fashion, the rest of the world isn’t any different than your room; we’re all much happier in a clean environment than we are in a smoggy, littered landscape. Unopposed Nature brings abounding beauty and fortifying fresh air to make us feel even more valuable than a million bucks—something priceless!

Yes, Nature can have that effect on us but, in order to reap its benefits, we must take stewardship over the land. It falls on all of us to care for a piece of the world regardless of who owns it. Caring for land means maintaining it, taking into consideration all the facets of what your particular land needs to achieve great health.

Some goals may be loftier than others if you don’t have access to the necessary equipment or understanding (restoring balance to an ecosystem, for instance). But no matter what your experience level is or what kind of equipment you have access to, there’s always a favor you can do the environment…

Put a Lid on the Litter
This is probably the easiest to do. Just devote some time to combing your yard or local park or woodsy trail for trash. All you need is a trash bag and maybe a pair of gloves for sanitation’s sake. Cleaning up trash outside will not only make you feel better, but everyone who passes that area as well.

Eliminating Excess
Eliminating the waste of our resources is essentially the definition of Conservation. Practice conserving the energy that goes into running water as well as electricity and gas in your home by turning off switches and faucets when you're not using the commodity.

Enriched Recycling
Composting your yard waste and kitchen scraps is a great way to practice conservation. Simply by discarding organic items together in a designated spot will reduce landfill waste, introduce valuable organisms to the soil like bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, and add nutrients to the soil. The land will thank you.

You can learn more about composting in particular by checking out this previously written Blog post right here. And learn what the #Trashtag project is when you read this Blog post about the UCO Gear challenge. Make the land that you love shine with compassion and care and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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