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Score Number Four for our Camp Story Contest

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Hey, Camp Fans!

The end of summer’s always bittersweet, but year-after-year, we’re excited here at Everything Summer Camp to keep with our traditional ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest! We saw an excellent response with your submissions since we’ve upped the ante this year, making the grand prize $250. 

Today we have the last of our $25 winners. And that winner is….

Eli E.!

Congratulations, Eli! You’re our fourth $25 prize winner! Eli had a great summer stay at Camp Onas this year as he has for the last three years as well! Read all about it in his entry right now:

One day, I was hanging out in another bunk and my friend started talking about how many caterpillars he had killed that day (11, which seemed like a lot at the time.) At first, I was against it, because I believe in animal rights, but then a LOT more caterpillars came. That afternoon, I looked up and the ceiling was COVERED with caterpillars! There were at least 500! People's beds were crawling with caterpillars. There was a caterpillar infestation--and it spread to my bunk! Whenever I was in the bunk, caterpillars would rain down from the ceiling. When it got really bad, and other bunks started getting caterpillars, too, the counselors started noticing it. Two counselors were put in charge of caterpillar-killing.

We made a lot of jokes about killing caterpillars—for theme night, I had to dress up as a villain and I wore my sleeping bag to the dining hall to be an evil caterpillar. There were caterpillar activities where groups of us went to kill caterpillars by the dining hall. The last night of camp, it was so bad, we even had to put all of our mattresses onto a truck and move to the barn to sleep there.

The caterpillars won the war against us on the last few days—one even got into my camp trunk and my mom found it when we got home! But we still had a great summer!

What a swarming submission, Eli! I have never seen so many caterpillars nor have I ever heard of a caterpillar infestation before. How crazy! I love that this didn’t put a damper on the fun at summer camp. When life throws you caterpillars, make butterflies, I guess! Your evil caterpillar costume sounds hilarious and rather clever. Sorry the caterpillars won the war, but at least you brought a pet home with you!

Help reverse the caterpillar-to-camper ratio at Camp Onas next summer and check it out for your summer camp experience next summer! Be sure to come back a couple days from now on Sunday when we move on to announcing our $50 winners. And, as always, thanks for reading!


 - John



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