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Get All Your Gear from Us and Save!

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Hey, Camp Families!

As you can probably tell from our name, we pride ourselves here at Everything Summer Camp by providing campers with not only the best quality camping gear around but also providing everything under the sun that kids are going to need or want in order to get the most out of their camp experience.

And we’re celebrating that fact straight through Wednesday with our “Get All Your Gear from Us and Save” sale.

We certainly recommend that you use this sale to take advantage of our sale by grabbing yourself a C&N brand Camp Trunk or one of the many duffel bags we offer. But, being the stellar one-stop shop that we are, don’t stop there! Get everything you want at camp while this awesome sale is still going!Shop for trunks, duffles, and everything else you'll need for camp.

So how’s this sale work? Here’s how:

Save as you Spend
First of all, the more you spend, the more you save. Spend $200 and get an instant savings of $15; spend $300 and you’ll instantly save $25; if you spend $400, you’ll save $35, and so on.

Reduced Free Shipping
We’re happy to offer free shipping on orders that hit or exceed $99 on an ordinary day. Through the duration of this sale, however, we’re covering shipping when your order hits $49!

Sale AND Code
The More You Spend, the More You Save aspect of this sale works in addition to a Camp Code, so can save on top of your savings!

So hop on over to our main site by clicking here so you can shop for all the summer camp gear and other camping supplies you’ll want along for your stay. Enjoy shopping our one-stop camping gear shop and let your savings make you smile! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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