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Resolutions Resolved

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Hey, Camp People!

Employees around the office here at Everything Summer Camp had set goals for themselves going into 2019 when the year was new and I’d been keeping tabs on everybody. Some of us had lost sight of our resolutions and threw in the towel—myself being in that group as I’d disappointed myself with my stunted growth in being less judgmental toward others.

With a few others stepping down along the way, we still had four folks in the running nearly halfway into the year when I last checked in with everyone. However, along with summer weather and our hectic busy season here at work, folks have started slipping out of control.

In fact, our Resolution Check-ups are concluded after today’s post as we only have one person left in the running!

Congratulations, Diane!

Diane is still going strong with her resolution to do random acts of kindness for random people to do her part in making the world a better place! She’s done some pretty incredible things for folks and doesn’t skimp with her generosity; as she puts it, “It doesn’t count unless it hurts a little.”

To try and reciprocate her generosity, Diane came into work this week to the surprise of flowers sitting on her desk as a prize for her unending kindness!

As for Morgan, she is now a college-graduate who came out in the end with all A’s and one B. Just shy of her goal, but at this point, who cares?! She’s done with college! Congratulations, Morgan!

Summer seems to have brought irresistible temptations to for Amy with too many ice cream treats around and neighborhood barbecues.

The approaching summer season means things get super busy here at Everything Summer Camp which means Anita isn’t really thinking about her healthy habits right now as she is just focused on making things happen at work. We certainly appreciate that and are sure all of you do too!

A really good effort from everyone, I’m very proud of all of us for our attempts in bettering ourselves and the world around us! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

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