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A Resolute Start to 2019

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Happy New Year!

Ready to embark upon 2019, Everybody? A fresh new year for accomplishments, new discoveries, and new prospects! From everyone here at Everything Summer Camp, we hope your New Year’s Eve celebration gave a warm welcome to 2019 and that you’re off to a wonderful start! This year, we resolve to....

While there are no real set traditions for the “common” festivities that we typically partake in on New Year’s Day, aside from a football game and snacks throughout the day, one thing we all seem to try for is setting resolutions for ways we’d like to see ourselves grow. We all do at Everything Summer Camp—well, all of us except Bob, of course, who resolves each year not to change one bit (I guess it’s a resolution…technically).  

Here’s what folks around our office have in mind for themselves:

Amy is going to whip her diet into shape and start eating better.

Anita first said something similar to Amy about eating better, but then changed hers to being healthier all around with more exercise and saying goodbye to lousy habits.

Diane would like to do more to make the world better—whether it means being more reliable to family and friends, making donations to those who need more than she does, or any other way she can.

Mark, our Vice President, would like to grant himself better sleep. He knows he doesn’t get enough and feels that he can improve in other departments of his life by tackling this particular part. Sleep’s pretty important—sounds smart to me!

Matt was reluctant to give a resolution this year, but admitted that he would like to shed some pounds and lose weight in the coming year.

Morgan wants straight A’s in her last semester of college! She almost did it previously but ended up scoring two B’s. She was close. We’re all rooting for her this year!

Nate would like to set more time aside for his family and more ‘playtime’ in with his kids.

Me—as for myself, I’m sort of recycling my resolution from 2018 since I feel like I still have room for improvement. I’m trying to be less judgmental toward people and having more patience. To give a couple examples, this means keeping my cool behind the wheel and not letting a long check-out line at the store ruin my mood.

Now, I warned everybody that I’d be checking in on them on a monthly basis to see how well they’re all keeping up with their resolutions. There’s a reason we don’t call them Old Year Resolutions—it’s because a lot of people lose sight of the plan they’d set when the year felt fresh. Let’s see how long we make it into 2019! Good luck with any resolutions you’re planning for your new year and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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